The Hot Mess: A Quick History of Chelsea Green’s Alter Ego

Chelsea Green made her NXT debut this past weekend, competing at the NXT Live Event In Largo, Florida on Friday night in a match against another recent signee, Deonna Purrazzo. What’s even more interesting is that Chelsea Green made her debut as “The Hot Mess” character that her IMPACT Wrestling character, Laurel Van Ness, had descended into following her failed wedding to Braxton Sutter in early 2017 on the show.

“The Hot Mess” character emerged during the angle where Chelsea Green (as LVN) was a part of the stable lead by Maria Kanellis, which included her business associate Laurel Van Ness as well as Sienna (Allysin Kay) and Allie. In a Cinderella-esque tale, Allie was getting sweet on IMPACT star Braxton Sutter, but so was Laurel Van Ness, who conned Sutter into agreeing to marry her (through nefarious plots from Kanellis and company). At the altar, Sutter balked and instead left LVN to be with Allie.

The rejection lead to LVN to completely lose her mind, as she kept herself in a perpetual state of drunken bliss in denial of the wedding rejection – although it did repeatedly resurface in moments of anger and depression. All the while, keeping on her wedding dress, as it slowly tattered, and her wedding makeup, which continued to smear.

Laurel Van Ness would try and wed again – she would try and marry Grado (who himself was looking to wed to get his US work visa or green card). But when Grado found out she was Canadian and therefore the wedding wouldn’t help him, he also bailed.

The second wedding rejection only further splintered Laurel Van Ness’ mind and she came back even more of a “Hot Mess” than she was previously. She began to stumble through the crowds and “harass” the audience at the IMPACT Zone.

But all of it was not for naught – following last year’s Bound For Glory, Laurel Van Ness went on to win the IMPACT Knockouts Championship.

Shortly after her title win, she requested her release from IMPACT Wrestling and was granted it following the next round of tapings in January of 2018. Chelsea Green returned to the indies, working both her Chelsea Green regular gimmick, as well as utilizing Laurel Van Ness on some nights as well. In some cases, LVN became a personality within Chelsea Green (like The Hulk in Bruce Banner), and LVN would emerge out of matches that were originally started as a Chelsea Green match.

In July of this year, she had a WWE tryout that went well, with many expecting her to be announced for this year’s Mae Young Classic, but sadly the announcements came and went and no Chelsea. Some reports speculated it may have been work visa issues. She would later go on to appear at Cody Rhodes and The Young BucksAll In event, wrestling in a Fatal Four Way with Tessa Blanchard, Britt Baker and Madison Rayne. That was followed up be her debut with Lucha Underground just over a month ago, where she helped Marty the Moth win the Lucha Underground championship, debuting as a character named Reklusa.

But earlier this month, we reported that she had begun at the WWE Performance Center with NXT, and just over a week later, the WWE confirmed her signing. She joined the NXT Live Events circuit at the end of this week, and it appears that “The Hot Mess” has found her way to NXT. Although this time, she’s already found her true love.

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