Matt Hardy Drops Teaser for House Hardy Halloween Special

After WWE’s YouTube channel released the teaser trailer of the House Hardy Halloween special the other day, Matt Hardy revealed his own special (and longer) teaser today. The special comes on the heels of the widely successful Broken/Woken Universe created by Matt Hardy. As previous reported here the program appears to be a wild ride into the Hardy family exploits that will likely include not only Matt but his wife Rebecca (Reby Sky), father-in-law Senior Benjamin and his heirs to the throne in King Maxel and Wolfgang along with  other produced characters such as Matt’s brother Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy).

Fans will be privy to these special exploits as they take fans on a ride of the family in their first episode a Halloween themed edition of the program. Much like Hardy’s Ultimate Deletion, this will be a WWE produced segment/ program. This situation comedy will likely see key elements of previous Hardy compound characters as previously reported such as  George Washington the Giraffe, and Skarsgård the Dilapidated Boat and Vanguard-1. The program will lend itself to some creative and fun moments by its cast of characters. #INVITATION is slated to debut on Sunday. Who will answer the invitations to appear? All shall be revealed in its most WONDERFUL glory. This will be Matt Hardy’s first WWE Network appearance since his in-ring retirement. The House Hardy Halloween special airs on the WWE Network this Sunday, directly following WWE Evolution.

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