NWA Reaches Agreement with CWA: Nick Aldis Will Defend The Title in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
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The newly refreshed National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is expanding his territory. This time, the NWA reached an working agreement with Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) in Puerto Rico.

The news came in an announcement by CWA on-screen president, Edwin García. The former wrestler announced that the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis, will be defending his newly won title at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Aldis, who beat Cody in NWA’s 70th Anniversary with a small package, will defend his championship against former WWE Intercontinental and World Tag Team champion, Billy Gunn. The title defense will be part of CWA’s Christmas Showdown, which is the biggest show in CWA history. García noted that this is not a one-night thing. The NWA and CWA reached an working agreement, with NWA bringing their champion for more dates in the future.

Not the First Time in Puerto Rico

This isn’t the first time that the NWA will set foot on the island. Before there were any wrestling promotions on the island, wrestlers from the NWA were brought in by independent promoters. Moreover, with the start of Capitol Sports Promotion – now the World Wrestling Council – in the 70s, NWA was strictly associated with them. Guys like Ric Flair would show up as the NWA World Champion, taking on challengers in the island. The WWC Universal Championship was created based on a match involving the WWC World Champion (Carlos Colon) and the NWA World Champion (Ric Flair). In the 2000s, with the NWA in a lesser presence state, International Wrestling Association (IWA) started a working agreement with them. Guys like Adam Pearce and The Naturals were regulars in the weekend shows by IWA PR.

This agreement is a great opportunity for the relative unknown wrestlers of CWA. While WWC and World Wrestling League have higher profiles, CWA is the company that is working the hardest to elevate wrestling in Puerto Rico. Moreover, Nick Aldis in the Christmas Showdown event brings a unique attraction.

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