Community Unity: Wrestling World Rallies Around Roman Reigns

Beneath the kayfabe, apart from the politics backstage, and away from the banners of collective promotions, there lies a community that all professional wrestlers belong too. And nothing in recent memory has encapsulated that sense of camaraderie like the overwhelming global support for WWE Superstar and former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who last night on Monday Night Raw, relinquished his Universal Championship following the bombshell announcement that not only had he been a cancer survivor for 11 years, but that his cancer – the bone marrow disease leukemia – had returned. While initially, it came from within the WWE Universe, the past 24 hours has seen wrestlers from all promotions and countries pouring their heartfelt support behind “The Big Dog” as he gets ready for the next big fight of his life.

Here’s a sample of the hundreds of messages of support Reigns received in the past day from around the world, from more of his peers in the WWE, to talent from around the world.