Preview: Wrestle Rampage Ground Zero (10/13/18)

Wrestle Rampage, based out of Adelaide, South Australia, is hosting their next event, Ground Zero, this Saturday at Waterside Workers Hall. Coming off their Domination event, which saw an absolutely insane main event, where Jonah Rock retained his Australian National Championship in a bonkers street fight against Tyler Trench (seriously, go watch it). Now, they shift their focus to Ground Zero, where fresh talent like Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open, and Damien Slater from Perth, will be shaking up the card, not to mention a title defense from Jonah Rock in the main event. Let’s rundown what Wrestle Rampage has in store for us:

Wrestle Rampage Ground Zero

Kyle Fletcher vs. Tommy Knight

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Fletcher, who hasn’t wrestled in Australia since April 2017, makes his return from the UK in this event. He competed in Europe’s top promotions, including PROGRESS Wrestling, Revolution Pro, wXw, OTT, and more. He and his partner Mark Davis, formed the team Aussie Open, and have won tag gold with PROGRESS, Defiant and more. Upon his return, he’ll be working with Tommy Knight, who is a sturdy boy, built much like Tomohiro Ishii. The crowd will be excited to have Fletcher, but Knight, who was on the winning side in a six man tag at Domination, will probably get a win here, as a regular who could use a big win.
Prediction: Tommy Knight

Charli Evans vs. Joanie May

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Evans, another Aussie who has been working the European scene, makes her first return home since June of 2017. In addition to making her rounds in the UK, she’s also no stranger to the USA, where’s worked for promotions like SHIMMER and RISE. Joanie May is an Adelaide regular, and was unsuccessful in a four way match at Domination. These two will bust out solid strikes, with very good technical sequences. While Evans may be the returning performer, May is very over as a babyface, so I anticipate Evans working heel here. This situation will be similar to the previous one, and I expect May to get the win.
Prediction: Joanie May

Four Way Match for the Cruiserweight Cup Championship: Mike Boomer (c) vs. “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks vs. Jax Jordan vs. Link Barnett

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Boomer overcame Nick Golfis to retain the Cruiserweight Cup at Domination, but now has three times the obstacles to overcome. Loverboy made his return to Wrestle Rampage at Domination for the first time since 2015, but fell short to Rat Daddy. Jordan is athletic and entertaining, and making his Wrestle Rampage debut here. Barnett, who has teamed with Boomer as recently as September in Iron Fist Pro, is probably the biggest man in this match, will most likely play the role of the bully. This will have everything you want to see in a four way match, with multi-person and creative spots, but in the end, Boomer will retain. If the card wasn’t so stacked, this would be my sleeper pick for match of the night.
Prediction: Mike Boomer

Robbie Heart vs. Nick Golfis

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Heart won his most recent match in Wrestle Rampage against Pat Graham. Going up against the smaller Golfis will be an interesting pairing, as Golfis, who is terrific on the WR commentary team, who is great technically, but is no stranger to high flying, will no doubt mix in some creative spots with Heart. Heart, the heel, will get most of the offense in this one, but in the end, Golfis will pull it out, and get himself a much needed win.
Prediction: Nick Golfis

Vanity, Inc (Gorgeous Greg, Big Willy, & Dean Valente) vs. Corey Adams, Kazaran Crowe, & Tyler Trench

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

When Gorgeous Greg was cost the title at Simply the Best, Corey Adams was the one who took the resulting fury from Greg and the gang. At Domination, Adams and his crew of Crowe and Knight overcame Vanity, Inc, but in this return match, I don’t think they’ll be so lucky. Domination’s six man tag was a lot of fun, and this one looks to be no different, especially with Tyler Trench involved in this one. Look for the heels to get the win, and the heat, here, leading to a blow off down the road.
Prediction: Vanity, Inc

AJ Istria vs. Damien Slater

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Istria is quickly being recognized as one of the best in the country. He defeated Robbie Eagles at Domination, and demanded respect afterwards, and left the ring with the General Manager, setting him seemingly on a collision course for the Australian National Championship. Damien Slater, from Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth, is the perfect set up man for Istria: He has a big enough name so beating him means something; he’s phenomenal in the ring, so you know they’ll have a good match; and he’s not a regular, so you’re not hurting one of your top guys in the process. Istria, who has worked Pro Wrestling NOAH in addition to the Aussie indies, is a great technical wrestler and striker, and I believe this will be the match of the night. The chain wrestling to open this one should be unreal.
Prediction: AJ Istria

Australian National Championship Match: Jonah Rock (c) vs. Rat Daddy

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Rock is one of the most recognized Australian wresters today, having wrestling all over the world, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and PROGRESS Wrestling. He is at the top of the card in every promotion he works in. Rat Daddy came out to challenge The King of Monsters for his title after the main event of Domination, when Rock was a bloody, but victorious, mess. Rat Daddy had won his match earlier in the night, and in case you’re wondering, yes there was cheese involved. Rat Daddy is a popular challenger to set up for Rock, but the longer term plan seems to be for Istria, so look for Rock to retain in this one, where there will probably be cheese involved too.
Prediction: Jonah Rock

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

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