Indie Watch: Daga, The Technical Luchador

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Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talent working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at one of the top young stars of Mexico, 30-year old Daga, who has conquered Mexico and his making his way into the US indie scene.

Mexico’s talent pool seems infinite. From rising stars like Bandido, Flamita and Puma King, to huge names like Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, the Mexican Lucha Libre scene is in a good place. In between those names, a luchador remains consistent and brings a style that is not regular for the Mexican crowd, that luchador is Daga.

You might have heard of the name Daga recently from the last Major League Wrestling tapings, when Low Ki appeared to have ripped off a Mexican wrestler’s ear in the middle of a championship match. Although this was done to bring legitimacy to Low Ki, it also helped to bring the obscure name of Daga to the mainstream wrestling fans.

Daga is not like any luchador you have ever met. He doesn’t like to fly through the ropes or apply flashy moves in the ring. Instead, he was one of the first ever in Mexico to bring Strong Style wrestling to the big stages like AAA Worldwide and The Crash Lucha Libre. Daga loves to mix it up with the best in the world in the ring, doing a lot of grappling and hard hitting shots.

The Mexican technician started his wrestling career in 2005. He wrestled for indie promotions like LAW, Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU) and International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG). In the late 2000s, AAA brought the young technician in and he quickly aligned Perro Aguayo Jr. and his gang, Perros del Mal. He later tagged with Steve Pain regularly and in his final run unmasked Australian Suicide.

Daga would later join the up and coming indie promotion The Crash Lucha Libre. With The Crash, he would have his best matches. He had a classic against Zack Sabre Jr. in Tijuana, in which Daga showed that he could handle the best grapplers in the world. In his run in 2017, he defeated names like Ricochet, Jack Evans, Willie Mack, Garza Jr., Ultimo Ninja (Humberto Carrillo in NXT), among others. He literally became the face of The Crash. His hard work had him competing in Lucha Underground and this year alone, he has had classics against Pete Dunne & Dragon Lee, Matt Riddle and most recently, a series of technical beauties with Hechicero

Daga is a unique specimen, while other luchadores prefer the high ropes, he prefers the canvas with grappling and hard shots. The indie world will always prefer the top high flyers like Fenix and Dragon Lee, but, right in the middle, Daga is awaiting for any challenge.

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