#AndNEW: Bobbi Tyler Wins IPW Women’s Champion

International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom (IPW:UK) had more news coming out of its Anniversary show.  Not only was Chris Ridgeway crowned the winner of the International Super 8 tournament, but we also crowned a new IPW Women’s Champion.

Bobbi Tyler took on her rival Xia Brookside, who had been champion since December 2017.  Brookside had been a fighting champion for her entire run as champion, taking on international stars like Kay Lee Ray and Tenille Dashwood.  Her run brought eyes and buzz to the division, as she was the company’s fighting champion that delivered good matches.  For the last few months, Tyler has been attacking Brookside at every opportunity and making sure to be a thorn in Brookside’s side.  It all came to a head at IPW’s 14th Anniversary show as Tyler made Brookside tap out to become the new IPW UK Women’s Champion.  She joins a list of champion including Mickie JamesPollyanna and Ayesha, of World of Sport fame.

Tyler, who’s home promotion is HOPE Wrestling, has gone under the radar in 2018 but has managed to debut for Pro Wrestling: EVE and Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) at the age of 21.  The youngster will look to take over the division from Brookside and continue to make it an important part of IPW shows as she continues to grow and make her name in the UK.