CHAOS in Chaos as Jay White Turns on Stable at Destruction in Kobe (VIDEO)

CHAOS, the stable lead by former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, is in shambles today after Destruction in Kobe‘s main event left the group in disarray due to some huge turns of events. Following months of seemingly disinterest in his own stable, Jay White has been disrespecting his own stable mates, but nothing was compared to his actions today, when he first attacked Okada’s opponent, Hiroshi Tanahashi, following his victory over Okada. With the audience believing White was simply defending his fallen leader, White then turned to attack Okada himself. Fellow CHAOS member YOSHI-HASHI stormed the ring to defend Okada (but not before out slipping Titus O’Neil and bloodying himself with a slide into the ring apron), only to also get beat down by “Switchblade” Jay White. CHAOS’ manager Gedo, who had accompanied Okada for his entire tenure as IWGP Champion, then came down to calm the situation – but instead turned on his former protege and allied with Jay White, who will now challenge Tanahashi for his G1 briefcase to headline Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 13.

Jay White has become one of NJPW’s most ruthless villains since his return from his excursion last November, when he re-debuted as “Switchblade”. Initially teasing joining Bullet Club, White turned on Kenny Omega, only to side with Okada’s CHAOS faction instead. But almost from the outset, White has seemed uncomfortable playing team mate to anyone, including CHAOS’ leader, who was then in the midst of his record setting 720 day reign. He teased challenging him for the title, but instead won the IWGP US Championship from Kenny Omega. But by the time this year’s G1 Climax begun, White seemed completely fed up with being a part of CHAOS. On July 14, he faced Okada in G1 action, defeating the former Champion in their first singles contest against each other. Two days later, he would hand Tanahashi his only defeat in the G1. During his tag team matches, often with Roppongi 3K members YOH or SHO, White would disrespect them in and outside the ring, often walking on on their failures, raising the ire of fellow CHAOS member Rocky Romero on commentary.

CHAOS is one of NJPW’s oldest stables still in existence, formed in 2009 when members of Great Bash Heel mutinied against GBH leader Togi Makabe and formed a new gang under the leadership of Shinsuke Nakamura. CHAOS was born under the premise of bringing back the Strong Style of Japanese puroresu that had been watered down since founder Antonio Inoki departed the company several years earlier, with the intent of hitting hard and often and taking no prisoners in New Japan.

Photo: NJPW

Nakamura, alongside his stable mates Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, Bad Intentions (Karl Anderson & Giant Bernard), Black Tiger V, Gedo & Jado and Takashi Iizuka become the new revolution in New Japan. Like any faction, members would come and go, but when Nakamura left NJPW for the WWE in early January 2016, he handed over the leadership to Kazuchika Okada. Under Okada’s watch, CHAOS became even stronger, adding the likes of Hirooki Goto, Will Ospreay, Roppongi 3K and Jay White, each bringing more gold into the family.

Photo: NJPW

With Okada beaten down and Gedo taking Jay White under his wing, it will be interesting to see how CHAOS survives going forward. Will any CHAOS members rally behind Switchblade and Gedo, or will they all continue to work with Okada in restoring CHAOS’ honor and seeking vengeance on the betrayal of the two tonight?