CMLL 85th Anniversary Recap: Matt Taven And Volador Jr. Lose Their Hair and More

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) finally celebrate their 85th Anniversary last night in the historic Arena Mexico. It was a great show, with the new generation of Mexican wrestlers, like Rush, Barbaro Cavernario, Los Nuevos Dinamitas taking over the old guard. Moreover, Ring of Honor star Matt Taven will sure have a lot of heat for the next few months in Mexico, his tour is not over with the oldest wrestling promotion in the world.

Matt Taven & Volador Jr. Lose Their Hair

It’s known that last night Anniversary main event wasn’t what fans wanted. Many fans were craving for Rush vs. LA Park, but instead, Matt Taven & Volador Jr. vs. Rush & Barbaro Cavernario was announced. The match was solid, with great sequences. Barbaro Cavernario took the first fall, while Volador Jr. took the second. In the third fall… things got tricky.

Matt Taven accused Volador Jr. of injuring his arm and betrayed him in the middle of the third fall, which prompted Rush to finish Volador Jr. and win the Lucha de Apuestas main event. Taven then attacked Volador and raised the hands of the winners. Cavernario and Rush insisted on both guys getting their head shaved, which happened. This betrayal is sure to give Taven maximum heat for the next months in the cathedral of wrestling. Although the result was obvious, since Rush was to valuable of a heel to lose his hair now, it was surprising how the end unfolded in front of 15,000+ fans.

Lucha Brother, LA Park & Caristico steal the show

If you thought that the time of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix with CMLL was ending, think again. The Lucha Brothers alongside Diamante Azul gave the best match of the night against Caristico, LA Park and Hijo the LA Park. Money was thrown in after the spectacle with immense euphoria from the fans. Fenix and Penta hit great dives alongside LA Park. The Zero Miedo chants were insane and loud. The most insane thing of all the match? The AAA Mega Champion getting a win in CMLL’s biggest event of the year in the semi-main event.

Cibernetico, El Zorro and Sharly Rockstar Surprise Everybody

The new faction called El Cl4n with Cibernetico (Ciber the Main Man), El Zorro (The Chris) and Sharly Rockstar surprised everybody in Arena Mexico when they defeated Los Guerreros Laguneros for the CMLL World Trios Championship. The match wasn’t great, but it still brought a unexpected moment in the show. Cibernetico pinned Ultimo Guerrero with his feet on the rope to steal the win. The new faction name El Cl4n gives a hint that a 4th member is coming soon, maybe Gilbert el Boricua (Mesias/Mil Muertes).

Los Nuevos Dinamitas are the future

Without a doubt, los Nuevos Hermanos Dinamitas, Cuatrero, Sanson & Forastero will take over in the next year CMLL. They went against Atlantis, Mistico & Soberano Jr. and ran circles around them. It was insane the coordination that the trio had and how huge of a heat/pop their getting. Cuatrero is probably the best singles wrestler of the trio.

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