#AndNEW: Bayley Superfan Izzy Wins Punk Pro Wrestling Internet Championship

If you’ve followed NXT for the past several years, you are most likely aware of superfan Izzy. Now 11 years old, Izzy has been a very noticeable presence at ringside as a fan at Full Sail University for years now, most famously during the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks rivalry in NXT, where Izzy became known as the “Bayley superfan”. Over the past year, Izzy has been training to follow her lifelong dream, much like her idol Bayley, of becoming a professional wrestler. This past June, she tweeted footage of her training with current IMPACT Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard, although her main trainer has been indie star Santana Garrett.

Bayley Superfan Izzy Wins Punk Pro Wrestling Internet Championship

Over the past few weeks, Izzy has been in a feud with Effy Gibbes (aka EFFY), the Punk Pro Wrestling (PPW) Internet Champion. PPW is an upstart promotion based out of Florida that just started up in early 2017. For weeks, EFFY had been trash talking Izzy and Izzy finally laid down the challenge. And to make sure there was no monkey business, indie star Leva Bates (aka Blue Pants from NXT) was added to the match as the special guest referee.

At tonight’s PPW event Can’t Be SavedIzzy defied the odds (and most likely caused Jim Cornette to have a coronary) by defeating EFFY and becoming the new PPW Internet Champion in the process.

Following the match, Izzy took to the mic and stated that the match was more than about a belt. “Whatever age you are, whoever you are, or whoever you love, wrestling is for EVERYONE.”