The Story So Far: World Of Sport (8/18/18)

The Story So Far: World of Sport is a weekly column that catches you up on the previous weeks of WOS and its storytelling, so if you miss a week (or what to just jump into the show for the first time), you have a summary of where the storylines are at and where they’re headed.

World of Sport Episode 3 Recap:

  • Grado defeated “The Butcher” Sha Samuels.  Serious Grado wrestled most of the match in a suit before returning to form and ripping the suit off.
  • Martin Kirby defeated Joe HendryHendry is now 0-3 thanks to Kirby getting his feet on the ropes for the pin.  Nice back and forth but Kirby is much better as a face.
  • BT Gunn & Stevie Boy defeated CJ Banks & Brad Slayer.  Gunn and Stevie progress to the Semi-Finals of the Tag tournament after showing great energy and chemistry as a tandem.
  • Crater squashed Gabriel Kidd.  Poor Kidd tried to fight back but the monstrous Crater put him away with a splash.
  • Rampage defeated Justin Sysum by countout.  Sysum was screwed as Banks held his legs preventing him from returning to the ring.  Rampage’s reign of terror continues.

What’s in store for Episode 4?

Aerial Assasin vs Bad Attitude

Will Ospreay returns after losing his debut to British Bulldog Jr. He takes on Martin Kirby, who is looking to move on from his feud with Joe Hendry, and move his way up the card.  Can Ospreay’s athleticism get him the win or will Kirby cheat to win again?

The High Flying queen defends her throne

Kay Lee Ray made history to become the first ever World Of Sport Women’s Champion.  In her first appearance since, she is set to defend her title next week.  Bea Priestley has a claim as she was never pinned in the title match, but will Viper be back for revenge? Or will we see a new girl emerge from the pack?

Who will rumble with Rampage

Three weeks and four wins for Rampage, who has looked unstoppable at times.  With the backing of Stu Bennett, he and his lackeys of Sha Samuels and CJ Banks have cheated their way to the top.  Rampage and co. are making a long list of enemies, but so far no one has been able to overcome the numbers game.  Rampage will take on another challenger next week but will they meet the same fate as Grado, Hendry, and Sysum?

Be Afraid

The monster known as Crater has put the roster on notice.  The silent behemoth decimated Gabriel Kidd and forced the young man to be taken out on a stretcher.  WOS issued a warning for the roster and fans to be afraid, be very afraid.