Mexican Star Pagano “Okay” After Nasty Bump at Last Night’s Event

Mexican Star Pagano
Photo: AAA

Last night at AAA vs. The Elite: World of Warcraft event (Lucha Libre Elite, not the Bullet Club subfaction), there was a hellaciously brutal tag team match that saw the reformation of Hart Foundation 2.0 (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans) versus the tag team of Pagano and Joe Lider. It was a hard hitting affair, with lots of insane spots, but near the matches completion, a move set went sour when a Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron between Hart and Pagano, set off by an enziguri from Lider, caused both men to miss the apron and crash to the floor.

Mexican Star Pagano “Okay” After Nasty Bump at Last Night’s Event

Initial reports (though unconfirmed by AAA) stated that Pagano had broken his neck in the incident, as he was stretchered from ringside immediately following the match’s conclusion. Joe Lider also appeared injured, but fans in attendance felt he may have been just selling as a distraction to afford Pagano more time to recover in the match.

Photo: AAA Worldwide on Twitch

Hart Foundation 2.0 ultimately picked up the win, but fans around the world were more concerned for the health and safety of Pagano overnight. Last Word on Pro Wrestling reached out to Konnan, the returning booker for AAA, via Twitter this morning, where he stated simply that Pagano “was okay” following the incident.

Later on this morning, a representative for Pagano, through Pagano’s own Twitter account confirmed that he was resting but doing well after the spot.

Translated, it said “Pagano is stable, already recovering from the injury suffered yesterday during his participation in  in Juan de la Barrera. Thank you all for asking.”

The spot came with the wrestling world still recovering from the Phoenix Plex incident involving IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi and Dragon Lee at this year’s G1 Special in San Francisco that left Hiromu with a serious neck injury, although he’s updated his fans he’s doing well.


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