Miz Shows Off Skills at the Plate and on the Mound to Win MVP at Legends and Celebrity Softball Game

Miz wins All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game MVP

When the annual MLB All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game reached it’s fifth inning, the American League had opened up a huge lead thanks in part to the Miz, who loaded the box score during his two at-bats. Miz recorded two doubles, had a few RBI and scored a few runs. He also had one of the defensive plays of the game when he robbed ESPN Analyst Tim Kurkjian of a sure-fire base hit. Miz snagged the ball in the air and also had the good sense to get the ball to second to complete the double play.

Everything was coming up Miz. Even Teddy Roosevelt got in the spirit as during the President’s Race, a tradition at Nationals Park, Roosevelt, who is known for his Curt Hawkins-esque losing streaks (his lasted almost seven full seasons or the equivalent of 1,000+ games before he won his first race), pulled out a chair and took out Abraham Lincoln. Then, he waited for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and chokeslammed them both. Roosevelt crossed the finish line where Miz was waiting for him, clearly impressed by his wrestling moves.

The race, as it is during every Washington Nationals‘ home game, took place in the middle of the fourth inning. In the middle of the fifth, Miz’ vingette showed prior to the commercial break where he announced he’d be pitching in the bottom of the inning. Miz said he was going to retire the lineup in order in what would be the most must-see inning in celebrity softball history. As it turned out, he was right.

Up first was Jennie Finch, two-time Olympic medalist (one gold, one bronze) and celebrity softball regular. It seemed that Miz, who was mic’d up for the inning and who had promised to strike out the champion, would meet his comeuppance but the opposite happened. After comedically shaking off the catcher, on one pitch, Finch popped up to first for the first out. Next up was 5x NBA All-Star, Washington Wizards point guard, John Wall, who was out to prove his hitting wasn’t as bad as his first-pitch throwing. One pitch later however, Wall met the same fate as Finch as he popped out to the catcher, all the while Miz was narrating.

Two down, one to go. But up next for the National League was Andre Dawson. In his 21-year career, Dawson hit .279, had 2,774 hits, 1,591 RBI and 438 home runs. He was also an NL Rookie of the Year, MVP, 8x All-Star and 4x Silver Slugger, an award that goes to the best hitter in each league at each position. Miz’ first pitch to the legend was inside, prompting the commentators to lament how bad it was. Miz had a great response however, reminding the pair, he was facing Andre Dawson. It wouldn’t be that easy. One pitch later however, as Dawson flew out to left field, Miz celebrated his perfect inning. Three up, three down.

“Nobody beats the Miz, boom, boom, boom, Skull Crushing Finale, who’s awesome?” The Miz exclaimed as he spoke into the hard cam. He then proceeded to walk over to the commentators where he cut a quick promo before bringing the game to commercial break.

The sixth and final inning saw the National League make a valiant attempt at a comeback but once again, it was Miz, representing his beloved Cleveland Indians, who was the center of it all, making the final out to secure the victory for his team.

Miz, who had entertained the crowd and his fellow players over the past several days, was certainly a hit and well-deserving of the MVP he received. With the All-Star Game headed to his hometown of Cleveland in 2019, hopefully this isn’t the last time the eight-time Intercontinental Champion and WWE Grand Slam Champion, will be seen on a baseball diamond. After all, like a good fighting champion, he now has a title to defend.