IMPACT Wrestling to Debut in Mexico Tonight Thanks to New TV Deal with MX52

IMPACT Wrestling 52 Mex
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Continuing to expand its brand globally, Anthem Sports & Entertainment announced in June that IMPACT Wrestling would be coming to Mexico as part of a new TV deal with MX52. Then, a few days ago, Anthem offered an update, namely that IMPACT! would be airing weekly on Saturday nights, 9:30 CDT, starting July 7th.

“Over the past year, IMPACT Wrestling has made a concerted effort to bolster its roster with the very best talent Mexico has to offer, most recently adding Pentagon Jr. and Fenix,” said Ed Nordholm, president of IMPACT Wrestling. “Through partnerships and collaborations with Lucha Libre AAA and Lucha Underground, we are bringing fans dream matches showcasing diverse performers from all corners of the globe. As we continue to increase our footprint and presence in the Mexican market, we are thrilled to partner with 52MX to bring our flagship show to passionate professional wrestling fans across the country.”

Ever since taking over as the parent company of IMPACT Wrestling, Nordholm and his team have been making great strides toward bringing the company back to relevance. After working through some tough times in the first year that most companies probably would have bailed on including the lawsuit with Matt and Jeff Hardy over the Broken trademark, the issues with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling, and the situation with Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter, Anthem’s year two has been nothing but a series of gains. This is in large part due to the braintrust that Nordholm has surrounded himself with in co-executive vice presidents, Scott D’Amore and Don Callis.

IMPACT’s triumvirate of leadership has helped elevate the company through partnerships, such as the ones with AAA and Lucha Underground, and through an influx of new talent. While the roster has taken hits and top names have gone elsewhere, IMPACT has found suitable replacements and has started to rebuild its divisions with both old names and fresh faces. Not to mention their Twitch deal, the launch of the Global Wrestling Network, and expanded YouTube presence, both of which have helped get new eyes on the programming.

It is hard to believe this is the same company that just a few years ago needed a last minute influx of cash in order for Slammiversary 2016 to happen, because today’s IMPACT has come so far from that. The weekly wonder of if IMPACT! would be canceled seem to be in the rear view mirror. Now, it is a promotion which is drawing big names and one that could be at the forefront of some revolutionary partnerships within the wrestling community.

Since Nordholm took over, IMPACT has made extensive partnership agreements with promotions such as Future Stars of Wrestling, Smash Wrestling, AML Wrestling, Superkick’dBorder City Wrestling, WrestleCade, Rocky Mountain Pro, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, Wrestlepro, Wrestling Revolver, RISE, Destiny Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling, DEFY Wrestling and House of Hardcore.

And while no official partnerships have been agreed upon with Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling, it should be noted that IMPACT Global Champion Austin Aries recently appeared at an ROH iPPV, and Taiji Ishimori, the Bullet Club‘s new Bone Soldier, who had been working with IMPACT when the company was partnered with Pro Wrestling NOAH, scheduled to appear at this summer’s Slammiversary XVI. If IMPACT were to partner with NJPW and ROH, in addition to their already existing partnerships with AAA and Lucha Underground, that could be a real game-changer for the wrestling industry and companies not named World Wrestling Entertainment.

This new TV deal in Mexico is just one more step that shows how committed and invested Anthem is in seeing IMPACT Wrestling be a success. And if it’s anything like the Sony Six deal in India, that means that IMPACT could be headed for some live shows in Mexico sometime soon.