The Latest on CWA Puerto Rico: Negro Casas to Debut, TV Show and More

First Caristico, now El Cuatro Cuarenta (4 40) of wrestling, Negro Casas, will debut for Championship Wrestling Association in Puerto Rico for their Supremacia show on June 30.

Photo: CWA

Negro Casas is one of the best renowned veterans in wrestling, with 58 years old, he keeps going, having great matches on regular basis in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and mentoring young up and coming talents around the world. In his 40 years of experience, Casas has wrestle for CMLL, New Japan Pro Wrestling and even WWE. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho has said that Casas is one of the best wrestlers that he has ever faced.

Is still unknown who will Casas face in CWA Puerto Rico, but, as it was showed in CWA’s last event (Aniversario), he will probably challenge Star Roger for the CWA Heavyweight title. Roger has a 538-days reign as CWA Champion, the 2nd longest of any title in Puerto Rican Wrestling history.

Negro Casas will be offering a seminar in the island the day before for $20 per person.

CWA with a Television show on Facebook 

Many people has ask if CWA has any television show so that they can see what are they offering. The number two promotion in Puerto Rico was missing that key part of business which is fans on the outside can watch and appreciate their product that has been a revelation in the Caribbean.

After CWA Aniversario, the company announced officially that their one hour television show could be seen on Facebook Live every Sunday at 1 pm. They debuted with the title match between Akiles Falcon and Rodrigo Garcia for the CWA Puerto Rican title. Next week the match between Star Roger and CMLL’s Caristico will be televised.


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Posted by CWA on Sunday, May 27, 2018

The company announce that the Extreme Rules 2 match between Cuervo and “Man-Beast” Enyel will not be televised, since that match was only for fans that went live for the show. A shame, since the match was revered by many fans and it really depicts the hardcore style that represents Puerto Rican Wrestling.

Cuervo in DTU-Mexico 

DTU in Mexico will have a tour that will feature CWA Puerto Rico’s Cuervo. In that tour, one of the matches will feature Cuervo against Aero Boy for the Lightweight World Championship. The tour is co-promoted with Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) and it will be all week. The tour will feature Joey Janela, SHLAK, Aero Boy, Cuervo and more.