The Caribbean Report: WWC in Dorado, CWA and More

WWC in Dorado
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The Caribbean Report is a regular feature exclusive to Last Word on Pro Wrestling, as Emmanuel Rosado reports from Puerto Rico on the current events from the wrestling circuit of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands, as well as South America.

WWC is Back…With the Same Mistakes?

WWC in Dorado

Photo: WWC

After five months of inactivity, World Wrestling Council came back in Dorado on 3/3. The matches of the show were almost identical to the ones that were going to happen back in September. They had about 150 fans in a small building in Dorado, which is somewhat of good news for the promotions, since back in August of 2017, they were doing under 100 fans per show.

WWC demonstrated that even with a large disaster happening and new competition, they still haven’t change their horrific bookings. In 2018, WWC worked the show as if it was 1987, with DQ finish and interferences. People that were at the show bound not to comeback, claiming that the promotion, that has over 44 years of existence, are a lost cause.

Mighty Ursus vs. Ray Gonzalez ended in DQ, with Gonzalez retaining his WWC Universal title and Chicano vs. Gilbert for the Puerto Rican championship went to a draw. OT Fernandez beat Anthony Roberts, Xix Xavant beats Peter the Bad Romance and Bellito beat El Comandante from La Revolución.

WWC said that they are coming back to Dorado, which is probably a mistake, since fan’s curiosity isn’t going to be at their next show and that’s Championship Wrestling Association’s main territory right now.

CWA Destino 2018 a Success

Photo: CWA

Speaking of CWA Puerto Rico, the promotion ran in Guaynabo (my home town), Puerto Rico, with their show CWA Destino 2018, in front of 150 fans.

Star Roger retained his CWA title against Peter the Bad Romance and Dimes in the best match of the night. Surprisingly, Justin Dynamite’s unbeaten CWA run as Puerto Rican champion came to an end, with Roger (accidently) costing Dynamite the match and Rodrigo Garcia winning the title. This sets the table for a possible feud between Roger and Justin, which are the two best wrestlers and draw of the promotion.

After the Roger match, newly named General manager, David Estilo, announced that the next defense of Star Roger is against non-other that his archrival and nemesis, the best wrestler in Puerto Rico, Mecha Wolf 450 (more on that in this publication) in March 24 in Batalla por el Oro (Battle for Gold).

CWA’s next show is in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, on 3/10 with Star Roger vs. Rodrigo Garcia in a champion vs. champion match and CWA Champion Steve Joel against La Milicia.

Star Roger vs. Mecha Wolf 450 VI

Photo: CWA

Back in 2014, two wrestlers were on a weird path in their wrestling career. John Yurnet was coming off tours in All Japan Pro Wrestling and Zero-1 Wrestling. Event though those were big accomplishments, in Puerto Rico, he was still seen as that small Jr. Heavyweight that was in the prelims in WWC. For Sensacional Carlitos (now Star Roger), he had to fight and scratch off a satire gimmick to become a true name in Puerto Rico. At the time, he was a former Puerto Rican champion, but that was back in 2011, and in 2014, he was facing a drought that seemed to drag him to the bottom of the wrestling scene in the island. It was at World Wrestling League’s insurrection that both wrestler’s career (450 and Roger) would change forever.

Photo: Contralona

The pair started the best wrestling trilogy of the past 8 years in Puerto Rico, a revolutionary task that change the perception of every fan that went to WWL in 2014 and in 2015. Their Table, Ladders and Chair match was named match of the year in 2015. In WWC, it was their TLC match at Euphoria 2016 that made fans wondered if there were ever two good wrestlers better in the island.

Photo: Contralona

Both guys careers exploded after that, with Mecha Wolf 450 gaining exposure in Impact Wrestling, AAA and WWE and currently having the accolade of best wrestler of Puerto Rico. For Roger, he was a top tier talent after the trilogy, winning WWL Americas title, currently riding a historic reign as CWA champion and awarded in 2017 Wrestler of the Year.

Now, after almost two years without meeting each other, they are going up against each other, this time, it’s 450 who is trying to face Roger in his territory at CWA on 3/25 at Batalla por el Oro. (back in WWC, Roger challenged 450 for the WWC Universal title). This isn’t the same Sensacional Carlitos that 450 faced in WWC and this isn’t the same Mr.450 that Roger faced back then. They both have mature and now is Star Roger vs. The Mecha Wolf 450 for the Six Time in four years and fans in the island couldn’t be happier.

Angel Fashion To The Crash

Angel Fashion’s blistering 2018 keeps going. Not only does his Holy Fashion faction with Sr.C and El Nazareno is rising in Florida and Ohio, but he was announced for The Crash Lucha Libre’s Wrestlecon show on WrestleMania weekend.

Back in 2017, Fashion, Mike Mendoza and Vanilla Vargas were announced for a The Crash show in San Louis Potosí, but with Konnan’s exit from the promotion, that line of communication was lost (since WWL talents had an agreement with The Crash).

Now, four months later, Fashion gets a second chance to appeared in Mexico’s third best promotion shows in the best weekend of wrestling. Fashion is going against up-and-coming talents like Aeroboy, Curt Stallion, Dastrik Boy, J-Spade, Jason Cade and Mathew Palmer. Also, in the show’s main event, Austin Aries vs. Penta 0M and in the semi, La Rebelión Amarilla of Garza Jr., Mecha Wolf 450 and Bestia 666 takes on the LWO of Nicho el Millonario (Psicosis), Damian 666 and LA Park. Plus, Puerto Rican talent Oraculo (Jay Rios) will be on the show.

Other news from the Caribbean

Photo: CNL

Campeonato Nacional de Lucha’s (Chile) next big show is in 3/11 in Club Chocolate where they are headed to a sellout (1,000 fans). Rocket defends his CNL National title against Ariel Levy in the main event, Alessandro defends his CNL Metro title against Engranaje Jack & Al Cold, Chuck2sis defend their CNL Tag titles against Perfecto Bundy & Richard Sanchez and Cabulco goes against Shinobi Chileno.

Photo: CKCW

Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling moved their 4/13 iPPV to May. The main event was reported to be the first main event on iPPV with all Puerto Rican talent, with Angel Fashion & Mike Mendoza vs. Thunder & Lightning © for the CKCW Tag titles. Impact Wrestling’s Abyss was set to go against El Nazareno.

Photo: NGCW

New Generation Championship Wrestling was in Kissimmee, Florida, on 2/24 with their Lucha Conquest 2 show. Alberto el Patrón beat Carlito to win the inaugural NGCW Heavywieght title. Mecha Wolf 450 in the best match of the evening, beat Laredo Kid & Zumbi to win the international Cup. Also, Roxxy from Puerto Rico debuted in the United States beating Chelsea Duren. The Elite All Star team of Apolo, Alofa & Chicano beat former Impact Wrestling Global champion Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & former WWE wrestler Mike Knox.

Photo: 100% Lucha

100% Lucha officially announced that they are coming back with their fifth season. The promotion is a indie wrestling group out of the south of Puerto Rico. They employ Strong Style wrestling and an atmosphere like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s model. Wrestlers like Westside Mafia, Roxxy, Justin Dynamite and Khris Diaz got notice because of their work in 100% Lucha.

Photo: CWE

– The Young Bucks debuted in Costa Rica for Costa Rica Wrestling Embassy (CWE)’s 4th Anniversary show. If you still doubt about The Young Buck’s ability to draw, Matt & Nick Jackson gathered hundreds of fans for a meet and greet in a Latin American country with barely any exposure or culture of wrestling and indie wrestling in general. CWE’s next show is on 3/18.

Ricky Banderas aka Mesias (Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground) came back this weekend at AAA’s event, Rey de Reyes. Mesias is from Bayamon Puerto Rico, a 6-times IWA World Champion, the first ever AAA Mega Champion, former Lucha Underground champion and it’s consider by many the best Puerto Rican wrestler of the last 15 years.