5 Wrestlers That WWC Should Elevate in 2018

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It’s clear that World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico doesn’t give a damn about what their fan base thinks. They have run for over four decades now, starting almost at the same time with the now second-best wrestling promotion in the world, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In 2018, with their first show already on their backs and now looking for another one in Dorado, Puerto Rico, on 3/10, the “wrestling tradition of the Caribbean” thinks that they have the pulse of their fan base, when, they’re losing their spot to promotions like Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) and the still inactive World Wrestling League.

From pushing the wrong guy, to just plain and simple not giving anybody else a chance to go over against 20-plus year veterans like Ray Gonzalez, WWC is hurting from its mistakes in 2017. They are barely averaging healthy crowds and their once loyal fan-base are now turning their backs against them.

Therefore, we give you the best five wrestlers WWC should elevate in 2018.

  1. Bellito

The new face of indie wrestling group Championship Wrestling School is slowly getting a good run in WWC. Bellito is one of the best athletes in the island – his pure agility and new-found charisma makes him the best wrestler to put in the WWC Junior Heavyweight division and in the process, the title on his waist. Bellito has the tools to bring a good opener and have a lengthy run with the championship. He got a win in the first show in 2018 with WWC, but if the promotion is smart, they’ll let him run free and, in the process, give him a long run as Junior Heavyweight Champion.

  1. Peter the Bad Romance

The finest material of the Caribbean, Peter the Bad Romance is the most underrated worker in Puerto Rico. He is a heat magnet and can back his talking with his wrestling. He has shown time and time again that he can hang with the best in the island and that he is no longer a Junior Heavyweight. His variations of suplexes, sheer pure impact on kicks and charisma make Romance a good tool to WWC built their mid-card and top mid-card.

  1. OT Fernandez

Photo: CMLL

Probably the best wrestler on a technical stand point in the promotion. OT Fernandez has been floating around in the WWC Junior division since loosing his WWC Junior Heavyweight title in 2017. OT Fernandez was trained in Mexico in CMLL and has the best background experience in WWC. Even with matches with the now Hiromu Takahashi (then Kaimetachi), OT has shown sparks of greatness. Most of his critics have pointed out his lack of character, but that’s something that he will come into during the process – all OT need right now is a chance to shine.

  1. Mighty Ursus

It’s not like former 2-time WWC Universal Champion Mighty Ursus hasn’t gotten his chance but it’s the way that they have treated him that make fans leaving shows a bad taste in their mouths. Once a monster that dominated the ranks, WWC failed to protect the Heavyweight wrestler and has fallen from grace. He once lost his mask to Ray Gonzalez and even now, when he came back, he still hasn’t show signs of the beast he was. If WWC wants a big attraction, they should start giving Ursus some squash wins and a dominating performance (and the WWC Universal title) so that fans can see him as a pure star and not a clumsy monster that can’t beat a 20-year plus veteran that can’t take a bump.

  1. Gilbert

Former 2-time WWC Universal Champion and in his fifth reign as Puerto Rican champion, Gilbert has gotten his chances. Is not like WWC isn’t going to give him a push, they love the idea of Gilbert as their top heel, as he is someone that resembles the current WWC Universal Champion Ray Gonzalez. But the way that they book him is horrible and he is barely having good matches with Chicano. Fans like Gilbert’s gimmick, but they hate how he is booked to look. Six feet three and over 220 pounds, Gilbert shouldn’t be using brass knuckles to win his feuds and matches. His wrestling should back up his talking, but that barely happens, with Gilbert being shown as a chicken heel that can dominate guys with less size in the ring, making him an unwatchable champion. If WWC wants their top heel in Gilbert, they must start (as Ursus) giving him some legitimacy in his matches.