Preview: EPW at the Aberdeen (3/11/18)

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Coming off an exciting Hot Summer’s Night last month, Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW) presents EPW at the Aberdeen. Taking place on March 11th, in Northbridge, Western Australia, this B-show for the company will be somewhat of a bridge between their major show in February, and the awaited arrival of PROGRESS Wrestling for their joint show in April. That being said, let’s run down the card for this Sunday’s show…

Match 1: Tyler Jacobs v Taka v Jordan Bishop

Opening the night in a three-way match-up is Jordan Bishop, who will be the focus of this contest. Having just left (and partially contributing to the absolution of) The Solution, the story will center around whether he can make on his own, and get over on his own. A triple threat match is great way to do so, to keep things fast paced, and set up tough odds for him to overcome.

Prediction: Jordan Bishop

Match 2: David Nero v Jay Taylor v Kiel Steria v Marcus Pitt

Taylor, Nero, and Steria had a lovely triple threat match last month at Hot Summer’s Night, which Nero won, and now the incredibly talented Marcus Pitt is added to the mix, making it a possible show stealer. Pitt is coming off a red-hot tag team feud with Damien Slater against the Street Gang Hooligans (the two teams are tied at one win apiece so look for that blow off in the coming months), and will add a mean-streak to this match-up. Look for Pitt to come out on top in this one, in order to keep him hot for when Progress comes to town next month.

Prediction: Marcus Pitt

Match 3: The Headhunters v Ricky South & Nacho Friends in a Six Man Warfare Match

Photo: EPW

The Headhunters got a new member at Hot Summer’s Night when Jarrad Slate turned on his tag team partner Dan Moore. HH also picked up a six person tag win over Nacho Friends and Allyson Cruz. Nacho Friends are looking for revenge, this time in a No DQ setting, and this time teamed up with Ricky South. However, its still important to establish Slate a new dominating force for HH, so expect the outcome to be the same as last month.

Prediction: The Headhunters

Match 4: Gavin McGavin v Julian Ward

Photo: EPW

These two had fun match last month, before McGavin got disqualified for a low-blow on Ward. The 2017 EPW Wrestler of the year, McGavin, will put on display of lying and cheating, attempting to hit another low-blow, but Ward is the babyface rising star, and could really use the rub from McGavin. The two will have an exciting match, and look for Ward to hit a low-blow of his own, so McGavin gets his.

Prediction: Julian Ward

Match 5: Dream Match Battle Royal

Photo: EPW

Featuring Tyler Jacobs, Davis Storm, Hayden Zenith, Marcius Pitt, Cal Cousins, Johnny Wimbledon, Gavin McGavin, Kiel Steria, Taylor King, and Dan Steel, the winner of this battle royal picks his opponent at the PROGRESS x EPW joint show on April 18th. There’s a lot of moving parts in this, with this being the second match of the night for four of these performers, but Davis Storm will be the last man standing in this one. He’s the established star who took a loss last month at Hot Summer’s Night putting over Warship. By winning he protects himself as a top guy, and EPW gets to have another high profile match for the PROGRESS show.

Prediction: Davis Storm

Match 6: Scotty Ryan (c) v Damien Slater for the EPW Coastal Championship

Photo: EPW

Scotty Ryan is a solid performing, who is well-deserving of the Coastal Championship, but has yet to make a big name for himself. Slater is the more established star, whom you might remember from WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic a couple summers back, and a former EPW World Champion. In any other situation, the smart move would be for Slater to put Ryan over. But, PROGRESS Wrestling is making an Australian tour next month, and EPW is eager to put their best foot forward. Damien Slater being Coastal Champion would represent that Championship better for the worldwide eyes that follow the British powerhouse company. Ryan will get a rematch down the road, but for now, EPW is looking to show-off their best on the much more international stage that Progress provides.

Prediction: Damien Slater