Holy Fashion: Meet Puerto Rico’s Newest Faction

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The Caribbean, specially Puerto Rico, has seen it’s share of good stables. In the last century, it was Carlos Colon and his Ejército de la Justicia (Army of Justice), later in the early 2000s, it was Ray Gonzalez’s Familia del Milenio and who can forget about Ricky Banderas – aka Mil MuertesLa Cruz del Diablo (The Devil’s Cross).  The island and the Caribbean itself has seen great factions rise to prominence in the wrestling scene, now, this time around, a new faction called Holy Fashion is concentrating their efforts more on Caribbean Sea domination, lead by Angel Fashion.

In early 2018, former Puerto Rican champion, Angel Fashion, went against the best wrestler right now out of Puerto Rico, Mecha Wolf 450. The match took place on Pro Wrestling 2.0 in Florida – a wrestling school were 450 and former Stardom Champion Santana Garrett train wrestlers – with Mecha Wolf 450 displaying pure dominance in the rising young star from Puerto Rico. The match itself wasn’t a big display by both wrestlers or as good as their match this month on Valentine’s Day, but after the match, it changed the course of Angel Fashion’s career at that moment.

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Out of the blue, former WWL Champion, El Nazareno and former IWA Televistion Champion, Sr. C, teamed with Fashion to attack Mecha Wolf following the match. The heel group took the microphone and started what we now know as Holy Fashion. The name, of course, a combination of Fashion’s name and El Nazareno’s background, which is basically a holy savior in wrestling that helps others in need.

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The stable, which is barely one month old, is already making waves in states like Ohio and Florida. Back on Valentine’s Day, in a rematch, Angel Fashion beat Mecha Wolf 450 (in controversial fashion, not point intended) and before that, he won a briefcase that assured him a CKCW Heavyweight title opportunity (he won it with El Nazareno’s help). The group would later recruit Puerto Rico’s hottest prospect Mike Mendoza and CKCW Women’s Champion Vanilla Vargas.

The Members of Holy Fashion

Angel Fashion

Fashion started as a referee in the wrestling business but rose to prominence in World Wrestling Council. He started as a Junior, winning the Jr. Heavywieght title in four occasions. He would later transition to the Heavyweight ranks and had a great run as Puerto Rican Champion alongside his valet, Vanilla Vargas – more on her later – beating the likes of CWA Champion, Star Roger and former NJPW/WWF wrestler Miguel Perez. WWC would demoted him back to the Junior division, which made him choose World Wrestling League back in May of 2017 as his new home. With Hurrican Maria, he traveled to Florida, were he is currently residing and gaining experience, working in various independent shows in the state (Florida) and in Ohio. He has exploded in February, winning a title opportunity for CKCW’s top prize, beating Mecha Wolf 450 (a big deal in Puerto Rico) and is set to headline alongside Mike Mendoza CKCW’s iPPV against Thunder & Lightning for the CKCW Tag Team titles.

El Nazareno

For Nazareno, this is a new beginning for him. He left Puerto Rico before both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. He is a 10-plus year veteran as Superstar Ash, winning titles in every promotion in the island. He would gather some backlash in 2017, after leaving WWL for the up-and-coming Championship Wrestling School, which at that time, was run by former WWL President, Richard Negrin. The people started to ridicule him for not being loyal and forfeiting his WWL Heavyweight Title, so he transitioned into what we now know as the savior those in need, El Nazareno (Nazareth). The gimmick that started as a parody caught “heat” and WWL’s rise in 2017 was in part thanks to Nazareno’s and his real life best friends Tabu & Morgan (Westside Mafia).  He is set to go against former TNA World Tag Team Champion, Abyss in the next Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling iPPV in April.

Sr. C

The more unknown of the stabled, but an Indy wrestling veteran in the island. Sr. C was in the dying days of International Wrestling Association (IWA PR), tagging alongside Mike Mendoza and winning the IWA Television title. He wrestles primarily for WWL, but has expanded to Florida, specifically in PW 2.0, were he is working to get his career to new heights.

Mike Mendoza (recurring role)

Covered extensively by us, Mike Mendoza is out of this world. Former freestyle wrestler and trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the grandson of Salvadorian wrestling legend, El Vickingo, is quickly becoming one of the best draws in Puerto Rico. He started in various indies, and later transitioned alongside Sr. C to the IWA. After the death of IWA, he transitioned to WWC, where he became a two-time Puerto Rican champion and a two-time WWC World Tag Team Champion. He exploded in 2017, with him later transitioning to WWL where he had the match of the year in Puerto Rico and a WWE try-out. He is part of the stable, but only when they are in Ohio, since Mendoza doesn’t work – yet – the Florida indies. He had the best match between two Puerto Ricans in 2018 in CKCW’s New World Rising iPPV against Star Roger and is set to headline with Angel Fashion the next iPPV.

Vanilla Vargas (recurring role)

Vanilla and Fashion are not strangers to each other. When Fashion had his great run in WWC, Vargas was big part of it, being his manager and playing a role in his wins. Vargas was trained in México by Arkangel de la Muerte (CMLL) and is the CKCW Women’s Champion. He is the more immature of the stable but has the best upside. As Mendoza, she is part of the group when they are in Ohio. She is set to defend her Women’s title in the next iPPV.