#AndNEW: Millie McKenzie Wins Defiant Women’s Championship

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At tonight’s Defiant Wrestling PPV Chain Reaction, rising UK star Millie McKenzie defeated veteran Kay Lee Ray to become the new Defiant Women’s Champion.

Millie McKenzie has taken the UK wrestling scene by storm the past year, which is even more remarkable when you consider she’s only 17 years old. She’s become a suplex machine driven by pure desire, and tonight she became the youngest Women’s Champion in Defiant/WCPW history, joining the names of Nixon Newell, Bea Priestley and Kay Lee Ray on the list of champions to hold the title, first established in 2016 with WCPW.

Photo: Oli Sandler / Ringside Perspective

McKenzie began training at the age of 14 with PWA, but has since moved to Fight Club: PRO where she trains with Travis Banks and Martin Zaki. She made her wrestling debut in October of 2015 with Phoenix Wrestling Association (PWA), her hometown promotion in Coventry, England, but has since worked her way onto the major UK promotions, like PROGRESS and RevPro and was a part of CHIKARA‘s King of Trios 2017, teaming with Omari and Aussie Open‘s Kyle Fletcher.