Match Point: Laredo Kid vs. Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Zumbi (2/24/18)

Match Point is an on-going series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing match ups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first time match ups, or hotly anticipated rematches. Today’s edition features an international showcase at New Generation Championship Wrestling this Saturday in Florida.

With all the talk of WWE inducing themselves into the Latin American market and shades of a Tournament with wrestlers of that region being rumored, New Generation Championship Wrestling give us a taste of what would be, if we ever see talents from all over Latin America fighting themselves for supremacy.

In an event that involves talents like former WWE Intercontinental & United States Champion Carlito, former WWE Champion Alberto el Patrón, former Impact Wrestling Global champion Eli Drake and many others,  NGCW returns to the Fire Frogs Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida, with a dream match that involves three highly skilled wrestlers from three different countries. Laredo Kid representing Mexico, Zumbi representing Brazil and Mecha Wolf 450 representing Puerto Rico, it really feels that this is the show-stealer for NGCW: Lucha Conquest 2. The trio of luchadores will fight over NGCW’s International Cup.

Laredo Kid is an experience veteran of the indie scene, who started primarily with AAA, but has expanded to different countries in South and Central American with his excellent rope control and aerial arsenal. He can put great displays against almost everybody. He has become somewhat of a regular in the Northern and Central States, like Ohio and Illinois.

Zumbi is another wrestler that loves to go at 100 mph in his matches. The energy that he brings is insane. His has wrestled primarily in South American but has seen action in Mexico with AAA and World Wrestling League when they went on tour in that country. He is one of those Brazilian wrestlers that will explode with the world putting their sights on the Latin American wrestling scene.

Finally, we have arguably the best wrestler that Puerto Rico has to offer. Match quality, great physic and intriguing heel, Mecha Wolf 450 – the former Mr.450 – is the total package. Al tough he’s not as fast as the other two competitors, 450 is the strongest striker. Having wrestle in All Japan Pro Wrestling and Zero-1 gives him a great advantage against his Latin American colleagues. Mecha Wolf is currently a regular in The Crash and WWL in Puerto Rico.

The match will blend high pace offense and insane movements in and out of the ring. Zumbi will pump the crowd with his great charisma and energy, Laredo Kid will leave us breathless and Mecha Wolf 450 will give strikes that’ll leave everybody wanting more. This blend of international flavor will sure to give us the “esto es lucha chants”.

Here’s a match that involved Mecha Wolf 450 and Laredo Kid, but not Zumbi. NGCW will the first promotion to have the three of them in the same ring.