OTT Contenders: Grading Each Contender

OTT Contenders: Grading Each Contender

OTT Contenders: Grading Each Contender

On Sunday (28th of May) OTT ran a contenders show, it was not a main show but instead served to give some of the many trainees around Ireland there opportunity to wrestle in front of a crowd.  Each match featured a debut and instead of reviewing the match I will grade the contenders on how well I think they will do in their career with their current character and skillset.

Contender 1: Callum Black

Black was in the first match of the night against Sammy D and played the heel, his moveset is unimpressive but solid and he seems to cocky heel who is bigger than his opponent.  A brawler like that never really progresses beyond the midcard level as he didn’t manage to get much heat and didn’t really leave an impression.

Grade: D+

Contender 2: Aiden Epix

Epix teamed with B. Cool against two fellow contenders and he plays the dumbass comedy babyface who hasn’t a clue,  think Grado just Irish.  Epix was hilarious in this role and really had the crowd behind him as the match went on, when not done well this gimmick sucks but Epix performed his role to perfection and has a really high ceiling

Grade: A

Contenders 3: Frankie & Rikki Rose

This was the team that faced Epix and Cool, while Epix stole the show both these guys looked really solid and got some decent heel heat.  There heat segment kept my attention and they worked well together and if they continue to perform like this they are future OTT tag team champions

Grade: B

Contender 4: “The Fabulous” Nicky

Due to his entrance getting the Contender treatment with just his name I am assuming that Nicky was a contender, this despite him having made his OTT debut already and previously teaming with Angel Cruz, Nicky faced Adam “flex” Maxted and had a good showing showing some good babyface fire against the arrogant heel.  I am biased towards the character as Nicky is a gay character that isnt too in your face about it hes just fabulous.  An inoffensive gay gimmick that is quite fun and gets him crowd support that Nicky plays to perfection is always welcome in the midcard.

Grade: C

Contender 5: Amy Allonsy

Allonsy was booked to perfection she was in a tag match with 3 of the most over stars in OTT as she teamed with “The Ultrastar”Angel Cruz with Team PRICK against Katey Harvey and Justin shape with Logan Bryce in a hilarious “Gender-Neutral” tag match.  Allonsy was allowed to showcase her best parts and her Mojo Rawley like energy as the heavy lifting was done by the other competitors.  While she isn’t brilliant in the ring she is a fun babyface character that the women’s division desperately needs as Martina is currently the only face in the Women’s division

Grade: B-

Contenders 6 Michael May, LJ Cleary & Gavin Fitz

OTT has always booked their trios stables quite well and these boys are ready to join the main roster now, they played the heels against the Lads From The Flats and were great at getting heat with each man having a distinct asset to add to the team, they team together very well and I cant wait to see more of them soon

Grade: B+

Contender 7: DJ Frosty

Frosty teamed with The Lads From The Flats (Paddy & Workie) and was largely hidden away in the match, he got his hot tag at the end and looked good but he doesnt seem to fit the gimmick all that well.  The jury is still out here to see how he handles a bigger part in a match and if he changes the gimmick

Grade: D

Contender 8: Terry Thatcher

Thatcher took on Curtis Murray in an impressive match and was the only Contender to win.  he is quite good in the ring but suffers from the same problem as Black in the opener of playing the zero personality brawler heel.  If given a character and motivations this guy could definitely end up as a main event talent but in his current form is a dime a dozen

Grade: C

Contenders 9:Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin

These two teamed in the main event against The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin) in a tag team title match and while the KOTN are the best tag team in the country these two brought it and were really good, both men are good technically but really flourish when allowed to work a faster pace and both were really impressive.  A babyface tag team that will only get better the more they perform together and I would be happy to see win the tag titles within a year.

Grade: A

These are my grades for each new competitor and if it shows anything its that the future of Irish Wrestling is in safe hands with a lot of good talent coming through, some guys aren’t stars but are still good and they all have room to grow and change and prove me wrong/right.

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