WWE UK Tryouts Features Big European Names

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WWE continues it’s scouting spree with UK tryouts at London’s 02 Arena today prior to tonight’s Monday Night Raw. The upcoming UK show’s first episode has already been filmed for the WWE Network but looks like the roster is going to be beefed up with U.K. and European talents. William Regal, Steve Corino and Matt Bloom were on hand as trainers to oversee the top talent in the UK scene. Many have become well-known thanks to the strong independent wrestling scene and on-demand services. Things are changing in the WWE landscape and the company wants to sign the best of the best, from all across the globe.

Photo: WWE

Here is a look at the standout names:

Martin Kirby

34 years old and more popular every day thanks in part to WCPW where he just lost the U.K. promotion’s top title. Would fit in very well in WWE with moves like “Kirby’s Dreamland” and “Kirb Your Enthusiasm” to entertain the fans. Very fun to watch and plays the perfect underdog hero, all in pink tights. An 11 year veteran that has wrestled everywhere in England, but this is his big break.

Travis Banks

Almost an overnight sensation on the independent’s since leaving his homeland of New Zealand. “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” has already become the inaugural Lucha Forever champion, Fight Club Pro champion and Revolution Pro Wrestling tag team champion. His buzzsaw name is fitting because he is lightning fast at only 198 pounds but not known as a lightweight. Banks also wrestles for WCPW and PROGRESS, so he would be leaving several companies for WWE.

TK Cooper

From New Zealand and teamed with Travis Banks in the South Pacific Power Trip. Cooper also has his girlfriend Dhalia Black that could come with him. Cooper has only been wrestling 6 years but the past couple years have been breakthrough and his high-flying is incredible. A terrific heel and the South Pacific Power Couple of Cooper and Black could be huge in WWE.

Chris Brookes

At 6-foot-4, Brookes is a very tall but agile wrestler that has been in the business for 10 years. A tag team champion in RPW with Travis Banks in his faction Commonwealth Catch Kings. Fight Club Pro made Chris Brookes’ gritty character. Brookes has made a name for himself with his unique character that is 100% heel. Brookes has been in tag teams for a long time and signing with WWE would be his defining moment.

Josh Bodom

“The Loose Canon” is the reigning RPW Cruiserweight champion, defeating Will Ospreay. Bodom gets more arrogant and better with every match and it shows. Bodom has had some great matches and big victories in his short career, even being the only man to defeat Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) in RPW. Lost to Noam Dar in a Cruiserweight Classic Qualifier last year. Trained by Kid Kash, Bodom has only been wrestling for 6 years but he carries himself like a superstar already. Could be great for any division he is chosen for in WWE.

Flash Morgan Webster

Lost to Zack Sabre Jr. in a Cruiserweight Classic Qualifying match last year, Webster is very popular in the U.K. After returning from injury at the beginning of 2017, Webster has been poised for the top of PROGRESS Wrestling. Has a great, innovative moveset and uses a 450 Splash as a finisher. With an 8 year career, Webster is going to get even better with more experience and signing with WWE would be as good as it gets.

Jurn Simmons

Photo: wXw

“Massive” Simmons is an impressive sight and really screams main eventer. Also with main event charisma, there is nothing like a dancing Jurn Simmons entrance. The current Westside Xtreme Wrestling champion in Germany, winning the title in an incredible moment at 16 Carat Gold with streamers. Only 25 years old and 265 pounds, Jurn has a massive future.

Stevie Boy

Photo: ICW

One of the more surprising names is the brawler from Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW). Only 24 years old and born in Scotland, Stevie Boy has had more matches than a lot of people his age with a decade of experience and a crazy style, he can go places and even the place: WWE.

BT Gunn

Photo: ICW

An ICW mainstay as a very physical wrestler that has gotten over by his cool persona. Gunn is just himself and this is “The Oddity.” At 31 years old, Gunn has been wrestling for 11 years and has since broken out of Scotland to WCPW in the U.K. Highly talented in all styles, WWE could use a hardcore wrestler like BT Gunn.

Liam Thomson

Photo: ICW

“The King of Scotland” and “The Bad Boy”, Liam is a veteran of the United Kingdom. Has always put on great performances against top level competitors. ICW has been his home and although he usually loses, fans know how good Thomson is. 1 years old and a keeper of the traditional style, would be a perfect fit for the WWE U.K. show.

Chris Tyler

A very dynamic athlete that has been in the game since 2011. One of the most underrated in the world but has gained many titles so far in HOPE Wrestling and LCW. A great example of a small wrestler packing a big punch and more than worthy of going to the big leagues.

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