“We Are Back” – Joan Laporta Sends Warning Shot as Barcelona Look to Rebuild

Joan Laporta

Just 24 hours after Joan Laporta confirmed that new signing Ferran Torres cannot be registered at Barcelona as things stand, the club president has sent a warning shot around Europe, saying: “Everybody in the world should get ready, as we are back as big players in the market. Barça are back.” Laporta then went onto add: “We’re working to build a top team. Everything is possible if we do things well. And I’m sure we will. Top players are open to join Barça. We’re definitely recovering our status.”

It seems a strange warning from the off, considering how early we are into Barcelona’s rebuild, and after what was said a day earlier. Laporta made an admission about Torres, stating: “Ferrán Torres can’t be registered now – but we hope to solve that situation when he is available. Demir sale could help, we’re on it. Let’s see what happens with Luuk de Jong.”

“We Are Back” – Joan Laporta Sends Warning Shot as Barcelona Look to Rebuild

Jumping the Gun?

When making a statement like the one above, you really need to go onto back it up. If you don’t, you’ll forever look a clown. The problem for Laporta, however, is that Barcelona may not have the funds available to avoid an impending red nose for the president. Of course, the Torres deal offers some hope – whilst leaving many slightly confused as to how it was afforded. But that does not mean we are witnessing the rebirth of a financial superpower.

Laporta, more than anyone, must understand the length of the process ahead. Statements stating that ‘Barcelona are back’ will not help Xavi do the job he was brought into do. The main priority must be to register the completed signings rather than stating that the signings are yet to even come to a conclusion.

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