Saudi Arabian Newcastle United Takeover Close to Being Agreed

Saudi Arabian Newcastle

In what is possibly the longest-running saga in Premier League history, it now seems likelier than ever that the Saudi Arabian Newcastle United takeover will go through. According to Alistair Magowan of the BBC, approval could come from the Premier League in the next 24 hours after the consortium proved the Saudi state would not have control of the club. Magowan then went onto report that the resolution between the two parties is not related to the piracy issue between Saudi Arabia and BeIN being settled.

Saudi Arabian Newcastle United Takeover Close to Being Agreed

Ideal Timing

Without a win all season, with seven games played, and sitting 19th, only above Norwich City, it’s fair to say that Newcastle needed some good news. And, more importantly, they need this takeover to go through; they need to begin a new era, write a newer, better chapter. The only way to turn a page on their recent, dire history, is to make sure that Mike Ashley is nowhere near the club – the Saudi Arabian takeover should do that, if it goes through.

At this very moment, Newcastle fans will be filled with a mix of optimism and scepticism. Optimism that this will finally be it, the takeover they have waited for. Yet, sceptic because they have been here before, and they do not want their dreams to be crushed once more.

If everything goes smoothly, then we could see one of the biggest clubs in England become reborn; we could see a sleeping giant awaken. As we know by now, a lot of steps need to be taken before the Magpies can welcome new ownership, but the reigniting of positive talks will be leaving many fans filled with plenty of anticipation. If this really is the end of the Ashley era, then it will be celebrated around Tyneside.

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