European Super League Clubs Fined by Premier League

Super League Clubs Fined

Following the failure of the venture, the Premier League have now taken a decision that sees the European Super League clubs fined for their part in the proposed breakaway league that caused a fracturing of relationships between clubs and fans across football.

Super League Clubs Fined £20 Million by English Premier League

Fines to be Paid to Grass Roots Football

Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all signed up to a proposed European Super League that also involved AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid who were also fined by UEFA in May.

The fine of just over £20 million is not per club but will be shared between the six and then distributed to the grassroots level of football as well as being used for community projects.

BBC Sport has revealed that Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family have committed to paying their share of the fine and it will not be paid by the club itself as they look to rebuild an already fractious relationship with fans. The other five clubs are not yet known to have made any comments about how they will pay their share of the fine.

Warnings Over Future Conduct

The six clubs have also been warned in no uncertain terms around their part in any future attempts to break away from the Premier League. Larger fines will be issued for any future attempts with a strong warning that points penalties will apply up to as many as 3o points which is a sign that the Premier League are taking a zero tolerance approach to any future power plays by any club.

Super League Clubs Fine a Deserved One

Fan were appalled at how the ESL came about with clubs holding what were considered to be clandestine talks without consulting fans at any time which led to the clubs having to back down and withdraw from the proposals.

Fan will hope that their clubs now know their feelings and with the Premier League taking firm action the ESL can finally have the last spades of dirt thrown onto the coffin as it is buried once for and all.

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