Daniel Craig to Hugh Grant: What Team Do These Celebrity Football Fans Support?

celebrity football fans

From Daniel Craig to Jessica Ennis-Hill, there are plenty of well-known individuals who – in their spare time – enjoy keeping up-to-date with a favoured football team. The real question, however, is if you can work out which team each celebrity supports.

Meet the Celebrity Followers of Clubs up and Down the Country

Football Clubs and Their Celebrity Fans

You may or may not be aware of who they are, but the likelihood is that the team you support also has a well-known individual’s backing. Whilst some celebrities will publicly back a certain team, such as the Gallagher brothers who regularly share their thoughts about Manchester City on social media, others prefer to take a more backseat approach and, despite their celebrity status, prefer to be an unrecognisable fan on the terraces.

Along with Noel and Liam Gallagher, there are plenty of other vocal fans of football teams. In non-coronavirus times Piers Morgan is a regular at the Emirates Stadium; Prince William, the future King of England, is an Aston Villa fan and was seen celebrating their promotion to the Premier League in 2019.

The Duke of Cambridge is a true Villan and tries to fit Villa matches into his busy schedule of Royal engagements. He looked downbeat when handing over 2015 FA Cup runners-up medals to the players in claret and blue. As President of the FA, he is probably the top dog of celebrity football fans.

Prince Harry is also reported to be a football fan – supposedly being an Arsenal fan – before moving overseas with his wife Meghan Marke, the Duke of Sussex was probably more likely to be found at Twickenham than Burnley away.

Think you can match what celebrity supports which football team? Give our quiz below a go and let us know how you do.

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