AC Milan Striker Search Targets Three In Serie A

AC Milan Striker

According to Calcio Mercato, the AC Milan striker search has targeted three Serie A forwards in hopes of adding one to the squad this summer. With Champions League qualification looking more and more likely, Milan are going to need depth. In addition, Zlatan Ibrahimović is currently the only reliable striker on the squad, and as good as he’s been, he’s approaching his 40th birthday.

AC Milan Striker Search

Option 1 – the Experienced Andrea Belotti

One of the premier options for the Rossoneri, and a player that’s been rumoured to join the team for years now, is Andrea Belotti.

The Torino captain is one of the most prolific strikers in recent Serie A memory, but at 27-years-old, he’s ready for the next step in his career. Torino are also in the midst of a disappointing season, sitting 17th and barely above the relegation zone. Now is the time for Belotti to depart, especially with the World Cup coming next year.

Belotti’s numbers are somewhat down this year, with 12 goals and six assists through 27 matches. To be clear – that’s a major reason why Torino have struggled. The Italian forward has a strong record of 15+ goal seasons, but his best campaign came in 2016/17, where he scored 26 goals in 35 league matches. He’s itching for another breakout year, and Milan presents a true opportunity.

Option Two – the Young Dušan Vlahović

Like Torino, Fiorentina are also having a down year compared to usual standards. Dušan Vlahović stands out as one of their top players, however. This season, he has 15 goals in 29 matches. He has also just turned 21, so the best is yet to come.

Vlahović looks to be the perfect option behind Ibrahimović. They have similar playing styles, and he’s already an established youngster who’s hungry for more. Ibrahimović can step in and be the perfect mentor for the Serbian. The Swede has already done so for countless young Milan players, and Vlahović may be next in line.

He’ll be expensive, however. Young, talented players tend to be, especially if they’re being sold within their own league. If Milan successfully qualify for Champions League, they should have the funds and striker is one of the top priorities.

Option Three – the Promising Gianluca Scamacca

Gianluca Scamacca currently plays for Genoa, but is on loan from Sassuolo. Milan have a solid rapport with Sassuolo, so that’s likely their main bargaining chip.

Scamacca, although talented and just 22-years-old, is not as appealing of an option as the other strikers. The Italian has five goals and two assists to his name in 21 matches. Milan’s hope here, however, is to develop his talent.

In reality, however, Scamacca is the third option if the other three fail. He’s bound to have a successful career, but Milan must move towards the best bet.

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