Sunderland Takeover Nears Completion

Sunderland Takeover
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The ongoing saga that is the Sunderland takeover is nearing completion according to the Sunderland Echo. Lee Johnson said the deal is as “near to completion as it can be.” The news will delight supporters who have seen over one year go by since the Black Cats were put up for sale by current owner Stewart Donald. 

Sunderland Takeover Nearing Completion

EFL Have Sunderland Takeover in Their Hands

Sunderland are currently awaiting the green light from the Football League to be able to complete the deal for Kyril Louis-Dreyfus to take over from Stewart Donald. However, the current owner along with two other shareholders will continue to hold a stake in the club.

Before the EFL approve the deal, they want assurances that Donald and co will continue to help fund the club for the next two years. Once they have these assurances, the deal should be given the go-ahead.

Louis-Dreyfus Now on Wearside

Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, whose family is reportedly worth around £6 billion, attended the recent away game at Shrewsbury Town. The billionaire heir has also been on Wearside visiting the Academy of Light and also spent time at Sunderland’s home, the Stadium of Light.

23-year-old Louis-Dreyfus had his takeover deal announced in December and now the completion date could be soon. The wait has been a long one for fans as they continue to spend time in England’s third tier following a disastrous few years which saw two successive relegations. 

Lee Johnson: ‘It’s About as Close as You Can Get’

Speaking at a press conference, the head coach was asked about Kyril Louis-Dreyfus attending the latest game and whether he had any updates on how the takeover was progressing. Johnson said: “Obviously people will have seen Kyril at the latest game, that was quite well documented and I expect us to get used to having him around the place, seeing his face and introducing his style from the top. 

“At the same time, I can’t give you any definitive timescale or chronological order of when that may happen or when it may not. Everything I hear is that it’s really, really close – about as close as it can get,” he continued.

“But at the same time this is football, isn’t it? I wouldn’t go live with the story just yet because I wouldn’t want you to look silly.”

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