Miroslav Klose Beginning Internship with AC Milan

Miroslav Klose internship
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Legendary German striker Miroslav Klose will soon be beginning his internship with AC Milan. While closing in on his managerial licensing program, Klose has chosen to work under Milan manager Stefano Pioli. The two have a close relationship after their stint together at Lazio, where Pioli served as manager and Klose as the first-team striker.

Miroslav Klose Beginning Internship with AC Milan

The Klose and Pioli Bond

While speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy, Klose was full of praise for Pioli. In short, he said Pioli is a great human who excels in improving players, although it takes time. He also said Milan will become winners, especially in Serie A, under Pioli.

This has already been clear this season. With 20 games played, Milan top Serie A with 46 points. The Rossoneri have won 14 matches, drawn four, and lost two.

Klose was supposed to have completed his internship earlier on, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed that. He said that choosing to work with Pioli was an obvious choice due to their history together.

What Klose can Bring

Klose is a football icon, especially on the international level. He is Germany’s all-time leading scorer with 71 goals in 134 matches. He’s also the World Cup’s leader in goals with 16 in 24 matches. The German striker is the epitome of a top-class poacher and finisher, and will surely be positive for Milan.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Mandzukic won’t need Klose’s guidance. Ibrahimovic is already a football legend, while Mandzukic has had a long and successful career. Both of them already know what it takes to excel, score, and win.

Rafael Leão will benefit greatly under Klose. The Portuguese youngster already shows flashes of brilliance, but if he is to be the future striker for Milan, he can still improve.

Leão is a fantastic dribbler, speedy on the wing, and passionate about the game. He has the work ethic and confidence necessary to succeed. The one aspect he can improve upon, however, is decision-making and finishing. He’s already greatly improved under Ibrahimovic’s tutelage, so one can only imagine how much better he can become through one-on-one sessions with Klose. If he can add Klose’s finishing skill to his game, along with the talent he already has, Leão will become a force to reckon with in the near future.

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