Dele Alli Looking to Leave Tottenham Hotspur

Alli Tottenham leave

With just four Premier League appearances to his name this season, Dele Alli is looking to leave Tottenham Hotspuraccording to Charlie Eccleshare of The Athletic.

The midfielder is looking to end what originally started as a dream in north London before slowly transitioning into a nightmare under Jose Mourinho. Under Pochettino, he was one of the stars of the show. Under Mourinho, he is nothing more than an on-watching spectator. 

The game against Brentford in the Carabao Cup– in which Alli did not feature- was perhaps the nail in the coffin for any hope of a Spurs future. 

Alli Looking to Leave Tottenham Hotspur

From Tottenham Hero to Unused Sub

When Dele Alli flicked the ball over his head before producing a sublime volley into the bottom corner of the White Hart Lane net in 2016, many were quick to hand him the hero status for both the present and future. 

20 at the time, Dele Alli looked destined for greatness. Now, 24, he looks destined for a Spurs departure. And, it must be reiterated just how much he needs a move.  

It speaks volumed of his position in the squad when Mourinho fails to hand him a chance in the Carabao Cup- instead leaving him to warm up to inevitably fail to step foot on the pitch.

Tottenham Not Willing to Sell

Despite looking almost surplus to requirements, according to The Athletic, Spurs would rather keep Alli as an insurance policy in the case of potential injury. And, who can blame them?

The way the season is so tightly packed, injuries are almost a guarantee. By keeping Dele Alli, Mourinho has the insurance that, should an injury occur, a substantial replacement is awaiting on the bench. 

For now, the Englishman’s opportunity looks unlikely to come, but, should injuries occur, we could see Alli handed the chance to send reminders to those at Tottenham of his quality

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