REPORT: Hundreds of EFL Players Want to Continue Taking the Knee in Support of Anti-Racism

English Football League executives will debate how to best support anti-racism measures after hundreds of football players told them that they wanted to continue taking a knee, according to Tom Morgan of the Telegraph.

The EFL chefs will debate anti-discrimination measures at their first meeting in 2021. They will also consider additional pre-match messaging on anti-racism.

Hundreds of Footballers Support Taking the Knee to Help Anti-Racism Efforts

Some Fans Have Disagreed With the Gesture

In recent weeks, fans of several clubs, including Millwall and Cambridge United, have jeered the gesture before kick-off.

This led to widespread condemnation, including Cambridge players Harvey Knibbs and Kyle Knoyle, who said that the booing of the knee left them “appalled and embarrassed.”

Derby County and Exeter City have also condemned fans who jeered the gesture.

Millwall player Mahlon Romeo, who was on the pitch when the booing happened, was dismayed by fans’ actions. He said: “I’m almost lost for words. I don’t know how they thought that would make me feel. I don’t know what they thought, taking a knee stood for. But I think I’ve explained it simply enough. I feel really low – probably the lowest I’ve felt in my time at this club.”

Drama Between the EFL and the PFA

The PFA has also criticised the actions of the EFL on knee taking. The union said that the EFL should develop a clear pre-match policy regarding kneeling so that players aren’t left “in a difficult position.”

However, the EFL has denied not taking enough responsibility on the issue.

In a statement, the association said: “We will continue to respect and support the decision of individual players who wish to take this form of action as we respect players’ freedom of expression on this issue.

“We have provided guidance to match officials and clubs to help them support players on match days, and the position has remained the same since the return of EFL fixtures in June, so there shouldn’t be any confusion on this matter.”

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