Clubs Reject Five Substitutions for the Third Time

Clubs Five Substitutions

Premier League clubs have once again rejected the idea of allowing teams to make five substitutions per match for the third time but will allow permanent concussion substitutes.

The proposal was rejected after failing to gain the allotted votes at the start of the season. Teams, however, will be allowed to name nine players on the bench, up from the usual seven.

Premier League Clubs Reject Five Substitutions for the Third Time

Clubs Shoot Down Five Subs Again

The likes of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola have voiced their concerns over several issues relating to player welfare as injuries continue to surmount. Out of all the top European leagues, only the Premier League has not stuck with the rule of five substitutions since the start of Project Restart from the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a curtailed and short pre-season because of COVID-19, the consensus for those in favour is that due to the late start to the season, there have been more matches in a shorter space of time, meaning more injuries have emerged and players are placed at unreasonable high strain.

To meet the threshold, the change would need to pass with 14 or more votes. Half the clubs were fearful that the bigger clubs have a greater squad depth to choose upon from and, would, therefore.  gain an advantage. Pressure had been added after the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Football Association came out strongly in favour of introducing the rule, but, 10 clubs remained firm.

The clubs to vote against the change are said to be Aston Villa, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leicester City, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, West Ham and Wolves according to Guardian correspondent Jamie Jackson.

Clubs Approve Concussion Substitutes

Despite rejecting the five substitutes notion, clubs have agreed to introduce permanent concussion substitutions. Teams will be able to use up to two additional substitutes per game if they sustain or are diagnosed with a concussion.

This was instilled after the International Football Association Board approved the rule on a trial basis. It will allow the Premier League to apply to IFAB and become a part of the trial, which will begin next month.

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