Toni Kroos Unhappy With Plans for European Super League

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Toni Kroos has voiced his displeasure at the news that FIFA and UEFA are considering putting a European Super League into place, according to Goal.

Toni Kroos Voices Displeasure at News of Potential European Super League

Toni Kroos Has Played Across Europe

The midfielder has had an illustrious career so far, having played for Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich, winning some of the biggest titles in the world with them.

At 30-years-old, the German still has time to win even more in club and international football.

Having played at the highest level in Europe then, he undoubtedly has every right to hold an opinion (which should be listened to) on a European Super League – something that would undoubtedly have an impact on both Bayern and Real.

“Created to Suck Out as Much Money as Possible”

Taking on his podcast (Einfach mal Luppen) he claimed about a potential Super League: “With the invention of all these new things, we seem to just be the puppets of FIFA and UEFA.

These competitions are created to suck everything out of every single player physically and to suck out as much money as possible. When certain things work well it is a good idea to leave them that way.”

Expansion of Other Football Competitions

Kroos is no doubt referencing some of the changes that UEFA and FIFA have already made to football. For starters, the FIFA Club World Cup, which often gets in the way of many European teams domestic season, has been expanded to be even bigger than before.

Talks of a European Super League have been prominent over the last few weeks, with plans potentially in place to eventually form one.

However, if footballers withstanding such as Kroos continue to make their disdain clear to the governing bodies, then they may have no choice but to eventually scrap their ideas for change in football.

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