The Greatest Australian Players in Premier League History


There have been 24 seasons within Premier League history. During this period, a total of 48 Australian players have made it into the seasons of matches. Yet, just because they made it into one of the best football leagues within the sporting world, does not mean that they are the best. Within this article, we will take a look at the best players that have featured in Premier League history.

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Greatest Australian Players in Premier League History

Tim Cahill 

Starting with probably everyone’s favourite, Tim Cahill is the player that everyone knows and remembers. Cahill not only had an eight-year-long career within Everton, he became the icon of the team and, if anything, the heart representation of the blue team itself. He was made into an icon due to his amazing talent and over 56 goals for the team.

 A favourite game highlight of his career was during September 2006 when Cahill sealed a victory with his historic goal for Everton. It was a strike past the back post that allowed him to give the final 3-0 score and that extra bit of spice for the victory at the end of the day.

Mark Viduka 

Mark Viduka is another one of the favourites from the Australian selection of players. His record played just under the 100-goal mark for his career and let’s just say that all the teams he managed to play for (Leeds United, Newcastle United and Middlesbrough), definitely appreciated him as much as we did for entertainment sake. It was at Leeds United that he made the most of his goal record. He managed to score in every game that he played in, and became very much ‘the one-man wonder’ in the following teams that he featured in. But his appearances in Leeds were definitely something else.

 A favourite game highlight for us was from the match November 2000, when he managed to shame Liverpool in a 4-3 win. The goal he managed to provide allowed the game to not end in a tie. Not only did he provide the winning goal, he managed to rally players at the 2-0 mark and put a great turn to make the hat-trick happen for a 3-3 goal. 

 Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell was a wizard with the ball, there is no doubt about that. Many find that his skill with the ball is highly unique to the other Australian players that have graced Premier League football. Why? Well, he’s very naturally gifted in the way he brings himself across. In addition to this, he manages to really hone in the ball, with an eye that not many players possess, even to this day. Featuring in two very popular teams, Leeds United and Liverpool, he dazzled through and through. Yes, he did procure some injuries along the way, however, his 57 goals in 274 appearances is definitely numbers that speak for themselves.

 A favourite game highlight of ours was in March 2006, in the game against Everton. His goal helped towards a 3-1 win over the Toffees. He managed to get this final whammy into the net by cutting from the inside and then striking with all his power. Richard Wright. the goalkeeper. really did not know what was coming at all.

Mark Bosnich 

When Mark Bosnich secured his first position within Premier League football, he was just a 17-year-old. Featuring for Aston Villa first, he managed to really show how much command he has over the net, which allowed him to progress to other positions at Manchester United and Chelsea.

His best move was to Old Trafford in the season of 1999. There, he shone and really showed how he can look after the Red Devils that he was lucky enough to call his teammates. It was only after he joined Chelsea that his career really plummeted, despite managing to save over 77 goals in 206 of his appearances.

He, unfortunately, failed a drug test while with the London team, making his reputation fall to the ground and really ruin the potential of a career he could have had.


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