Lionel Messi Denies £700 Million Release Clause

Messi Release

Following La Liga’s statement in support of Barcelona’s claim that the £700 million release clause in Lionel Messi’s contract is still valid, Messi and his agent have released a statement of their own, claiming the expiration of the release clause. 

In the statement, the forward said the following: “We do not know which contract they (Liga) have analysed, and which are the bases on which they conclude that it would have a termination clause ‘applicable in the event that the player decided to urge the unilateral termination of the same.’

“This one about the £700 million release clause must be an error on La Liga part.” 

Lionel Messi Claims the £700 Million Release Clause is Not Valid

Messi Wants to Leave for Free

According to Fabrizio Romano, The Argentine forward wants to leave for free this summer. Barcelona, however, are still claiming the validity of the release clause, and will not accept Messi’s position. 

Romano also stated that Manchester City are waiting to see if the clause is expired and whether they will, therefore, be able to make a free move. 

As the days go by, Messi’s exit is looking more likely than ever before at Barcelona. Should he decided to leave, though, it will not be a heroes goodbye or a fairytale ending following a terrible season for Barcelona. 

Chance to Link-up With Guardiola Again

There is no doubt that this transfer saga will continue to drag on and on. Messi reportedly wants to leave for free, while Barcelona are claiming the validity of the £700 million release clause. Should the clause, supported by La Liga, stay valid then Messi will likely not be going anywhere this summer.

If the clause is determined to be expired, however, then a reunion with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City could be on the cards. Either way, it will certainly be intriguing to watch as Barcelona do battle with arguable their greatest player ever.

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