REPORT: Lionel Messi Fails to Show up for PCR Testing


In the latest installment of the biggest transfer saga of the summer, Lionel Messi has now failed to show up for Barcelona’s pre-season PCR testing, according to Marcelo Bechler. The legendary forward was expected at Barcelona for testing. 

He has not shown up, however, and, according to Bechler, has already sent an official statement to Barcelona to say he is no longer a player at the club, in an attempt to rely on the unilateral termination clause.

Bechler then went onto say that this is not a pressure move from Messi, but, in fact, a move that he has made with the understanding that he is no longer a Barcelona player, having communicated that to the club. 

Messi Fails to Show for Pre-Season Testing

What Next?

The most unforeseen transfer news of the summer will likely continue to go on. It looks increasingly likely with each passing day that we could finally see the Argentine magician in different colours come the start of the season. 

Now that he has reportedly failed to show for his PCR test, too, it will be interesting to see whether he shows for pre-season at all. 

One would certainly believe that, if Messi does not participate in the Barcelona pre-season, his time at the club will undoubtedly be nearing its end.

Messi Tarnishing His Barcelona Legacy? 

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player to grace the beautiful game, let alone the Barcelona jersey. He has been the king of the Nou Camp for decades now, but that crown is beginning to fall. And, as the transfer saga goes on, will Messi’s legacy at the Catalan club suffer an irreparable dent?

We have already seen the fans, flocked in their thousands, protesting in Barcelona, some in support of Messi, some with not so kind words for the famous number 10. 

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