Fans to Return to Football if ‘Test Event’ is Successful

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Football fans could return to stadiums as early as the autumn if a test event proves to be successful.

Supporters to Return to Football if ‘Test Event’ Successful

Would Pave Way for Crowds

The possibility of sports supporters returning to arenas has been given a boost.

Most of elite sport has been forced to be postponed or abandoned due to coronavirus; however, many disciplines are beginning to return but supporters must spectate from home.

But, according to Martyn Ziegler of The Times, officials are preparing for a test event which will determine whether it is safe for supporters to return.

In the report, it says that a test event will not take place before September.

The event, if passed successfully, may pave the way for supporters to return sooner than previously feared.

The Times have previously reported that a meeting was held last week between medical directors of the main sports, Jon Van-Tam and the sports minister Nigel Huddleston.

No timescale was indicated but a roadmap has been drafted, outlining the conditions that need to be in place to allow for football fans to return.

Concerns Over Fan Behaviour

The Premier League is set to return on Wednesday (June 17) with Sheffield United heading to Aston Villa, and Manchester City hosting Arsenal.

The Government and high-ranking sports officials have raised concerns that fans may turn up outside stadiums or congregate at friends’ homes.

Paul Barber chief executive of Brighton & Hove Albion said: “We would all like fans back sooner rather than later, and if that means coming back on a phased basis we will work to make that happen.

“The rest of this season gives us an opportunity to prove to the authorities that it could work and that fans would respect social distancing.”

Other countries in Europe, such as Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, are already allowing small numbers of fans into events.

Between 300 and 500 fans are allowed to spectate events but must sit three seats apart.

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