Premier League Approve Five Substitutions Per Match for Project Restart

Premier League

The Premier League has approved a new rule to allow teams to make five substitutions per match for project restart. Teams will also be able to name nine substitutes rather than the usual seven.

Premier League Approve Five Substitutions Per Match for Project Restart

Coronavirus Causing Mass Disruption in the World of Football

The Coronavirus has caused some serious disruption in the world of football since its outbreak earlier this year. All of Europe’s top five leagues, as well as most others worldwide, have been suspended to help slow the spread of the disease, making for many financial difficulties.

Teams, especially those of lower divisions, have had to furlough many staff, some even stretching to players, in order to deal with the financial struggles induced by the virus. With no match-day revenue, clubs are struggling to make ends meet, and while football is starting to return, fans in stadiums are not.

It seems that we will have to wait much longer to see a full football ground once again. This will further add to the monetary troubles of small and large clubs alike. It will also make for a slow transfer market this summer, with clubs working hard to finance moves.

New Look Premier League Soon to Restart

A new look Premier League is set to restart on June 17th.

All matches will be played behind closed doors, and the new substitutes rule exemplifies its difference from football as we knew it.

Teams will now be able to make five substitutions per match in an attempt to combat player fatigue, as matches will occur within a shorter timeframe than normal.

Among other things, we will likely see more youngsters given a chance to prove themselves at a high level.

Project restart will see a new Premier League different from what we used to know and may suit some teams more than others.

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