REPORT: How FC Barcelona Plan to Enhance Viewing Experience


La Liga giants Barcelona envision a perfect viewing experience, both at the Camp Nou and at home with the support of the latest innovations. With the recent rise of 5G networks, the club looks to capitalise and move forward in terms of this new technology.

How FC Barcelona Plan to Enhance Viewing Experience

Enhanced Connection Inside the Stadium for Barcelona Fans

The Barca Innovation Hub has released an informative statement on how the club plan to take a big step forward into the modern world. Numerous factors involved in the prestigious viewing of the elite Barcelona athletes will be changed entirely for the better thanks to this.

Internet inside, the Camp Nou will no longer be affected badly by mass numbers of fans connected to the web. According to the Innovation Hub website, the internet will be able to hold on its own whilst many fans are able to access the web.

Barcelona Matchday Analysis

To add to the amazing matchday experience, in the future there will be data retention available of the match you are watching. Quoting the website: “At a glance, thanks to the development of tracking devices, in a near future it will also be possible to know which player has the ball, how many correct passes he has done, how many kilometres he has run and the speed.”

Tactical and data analysts will have it much easier thanks to this amazing technology, benefitting the coaches, players and even scouts spectating.

Virtual Reality Possibilities

Fans watching from home could benefit from a virtual reality experience with a VR headset. From being able to view the match from a coach’s eyes from the bench to even being able to see the players’ point of view on the pitch themselves.

Micro cameras are at use to fulfil this interesting innovation to allow fans to have a better experience, whilst being able to see real-time statistics of a player’s heart rate, sweating and the warmth of the environment. Viewers can change the angle of the camera, to suit their preferences.

Benefits to Journalism

The already prepared statistic round-up and enhancement of viewing will definitely help sports journalists collect valuable and detailed data for their reports. Real-time viewing and angle switches will no doubt allow the journalist to feel the atmosphere and sound as a goal is scored or a crucial moment in the game takes place.


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