REPORT: Amazon Interested in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Naming Rights

Tottenham Hotspur stadium naming rights

Amazon are reportedly interested in taking up a naming rights deal for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. According to Sportsmail of the Daily Mail, “Amazon are substantially interested in a potential deal.”

REPORT: Amazon in Potential Deal for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Naming Rights

The rumoured deal stands at a total value of £250 million; this consists of £25 million instalments. Consequently, this deal would be the biggest ever in relation to stadium naming rights. Sportsmail has highlighted that “any agreement is far from complete” and this is largely due to the current coronavirus crisis.

However, they do report that Amazon are one of “a number of other interested parties” including Nike. The tech giant is now worth as much as $1.1 trillion according to the Daily Mail.

Prime Position

Amazon are currently filming for their All or Nothing series that is following Spurs’ season. This will already be quite an entertaining watch; the show will explore Pochettino’s sacking, Mourinho’s appointment and will now include some elements of this current coronavirus crisis.

Thus, the club are already in some form of agreement with Amazon. But, the stadium naming rights deal is in a whole different strata of business deals.

Fans Reaction

As per, many fans were happy with the potential deal; it would mean more money flowing into the club. Other fans were keen to suggest that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos should buy the club in its entirety.

But, not every Spurs fan is happy with the deal on social media this morning. Some bemoan the notion of a “Amazon Arena.” Instead, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium should remain with that name.

But, with the deliberate name change between the old and new grounds, it seems as though the club aren’t planning to keep it. To put it another away, if Spurs had named the new stadium as White Hart Lane, it would have been a signal of intent to keep such a name. Instead, this rather bland label of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a way of creating a bit of distance and breathing time in this transition period between old and new homes.

Coronavirus Update

The Tottenham Hotspur stadium initially assisted in efforts to help distribute food. Now it is helping with providing coronavirus testing in the underground car park. Furthermore, many areas of the stadium are now an extension of North Middlesex hospital. This mainly includes the Women’s Outpatient Services to move pregnant women away from the hospital during the crisis. The club announced on Monday that “recognisable areas of our stadium being transformed for clinical use.”


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