REPORT: Premier League to Play Behind Closed Doors

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Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the Premier League, among other English divisions, will not stop, rather play behind closed doors, according to the Times Sport.

Premier League to Play Behind Closed Doors

Other European Leagues experiencing trouble

Since the Coronavirus’ exponential growth in Europe, major sports leagues have had to take drastic action. This has extended to football, with the Premier League one of the last of Europe’s top five leagues to make a change.

This week, Italy announced the cancellation of all sporting events until at least April 3 due to fears over the Coronavirus. The announcement included Serie A, with all Italian matches called off until at least that date. This followed the Derby d’Italia, between Juventus and Inter Milan, being played behind closed doors. These extreme measures make sense in Europe’s worst his nation, but other countries have taken action too.

Also earlier in the week, La Liga and Ligue 1 both announced, in quick succession, that they would play their games without fans. While this is not as much of a change as in Italy, with the league continuing, it has caused much disruption. Ticket holders must get refunds, while it is also a major loss of revenue.

Meanwhile, the Bundesliga, while not having banned fans at matches, has had many games cancelled by the hosting clubs.

It has also impacted the Champions League and Europa League, with many of their games going behind closed doors.

The Premier League will now play without fans at the grounds, according to the Times.

The Premier League will Play Behind Closed Doors

It is now the case that the Premier League, as well as lower leagues in English football, will play behind closed doors. With Coronavirus fears growing in the country, this decision only makes sense. Despite this, it will affect teams of lower leagues more dramatically and will change the atmosphere of football in England for the foreseeable future.

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