‘The Humble One’ is Gone. Welcome Back to the Real Jose Mourinho

The ‘humble one‘ just doesn’t suit Jose Mourinho. His self titled humility on arriving as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager didn’t last long. Part of Mourinho’s appeal has always been his box office performances in front of the media. After Wednesday night’s defeat to RB Leipzig in the first leg of the round of 16 at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, box office Mourinho was back.

‘The Humble One’

Jose Mourinho is All About Jose Mourinho

When Mourinho’s teams are doing well – Spurs had been on a seven-game unbeaten run coming into the tie – and players all doing well, he is happy to answer questions and be relaxed around the media. After defeats, he is defensive and does not like or appreciate being challenged. In his post-match press conference after the RB Leipzig defeat, one question said: “On the day was it that Spurs were bad or that Leipzig were good?”

“You think we were bad?” Mourinho replied.

The result says you lost at home?

“Ok, I’m not going to answer you because I don’t like your question and I think your question is out of order.”

When Mourinho was finished he sarcastically applauded the reporter on his way out. He was truly back to his less than humble best.

‘The Humble One’ Just is Not Fun

Reporters like the challenge of Jose Mourinho. It’s much more fun than being humble and answering questions straight off the bat.

He is understandably frustrated. He has injuries to key players and no time to replace them. The bench looks weak and he has to struggle through to the end of the season with tired players, players who are not match fit, and a complete lack of attacking options to play through the middle.

Spurs played on Sunday at 2pm, Wednesday at 8pm and have little time before facing Mourinho’s old team Chelsea at lunchtime this Saturday. Maybe even Mourinho himself is feeling the pressure, and as he said in his post-match interview, he “cannot wait for 1st July.”

Tottenham Hotspur need rebuilding and big changes must surely come if this team is to become the winners that many expect under the serial winner himself.

One thing is for certain – the real Jose Mourinho is back. Expect plenty of fireworks before, during and after Saturday’s game at Stamford Bridge. The humble one is dead. Long live the box office king.


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  1. Mourinho believes in his players, and he’s careful not to criticise them, but his frustration with
    the imbalance in the squad is clear. It’s why he fixated on 4 4 2 against Leipzig, although it manifestly didn’t suit most of the players in the face of Leipzig’s press. Out of position were Alli, Lo Celso, Moura, while players like Berjwyn and Fernandes were uncertain of their roles (particularly the latter). Lamela and Ndombele fought hard for the team when they came on, but again no real system to their play, unlike Leipzig’s players, who all seemed to working in unison. It was like watching a Spurs team of talented strangers playing within a rigid system, and trying to free themselves of it, but without a proper link with any of their teammates.
    Our full back/wing back play was once, only a couple of years back, world class. Now we simply don’t have the quality of Walker/Tripps/Rose (at their best) to count on. Davies, thank goodness is still there, and will hopefully stay clear of injury for a while, but we’ve really lost out in these vital areas, even if young players like Tangyanga are evolving. Bad planning, and unusual poor business by Levy last summer, ie selling Trippier for less than what we paid for PSG’s 3rd choice right back nearly 3 years ago.
    It means we can’t effectively play 3 5 2 anymore.
    The central defence, as much as they have been fighting massively against the odds in recent games, are more exposed and not the steady players they once were.
    In Verts/Toby’s case, it’s age, and a loss of pace. In Sanchez’ case, time is still on his side, but he’s temporarily regressed. Foyth has stalled too, and Dier (who’s lost that ‘something’ due to various reasons) is not trusted at centre back, although this could prove his salvation (he first came to the club as a CD anyway).
    We also haven’t got that solid cover in defensive midfield anymore. Dier and Wanyama’s competition for that role is ended, and Dembele’s hold up play in the middle was once crucial to freeing up players around him.
    Thank goodness for Winks, but he needs better support.
    It’s absurd that we haven’t got a striker to cover Kane, even if someone on a temporary (or loan) contract.
    They are out there, and not to get anyone with experience in January, with Kane out effectively for the season, is beyond stupid. Did no one take into account that we could also lose Son long term, or Moura, through injury? Why couldn’t we even get Llorente back for 5 months? ..a man far more equipped for Mourinho’s style than Poch’s ..because he would have returned like a shot.
    I believe Lo Celso has it in him to replace Eriksen, and maybe Fernandes will become the ‘midfielder’ that Mourinho believes he’ll be, but the loss of that once destructive axis of Kane, Alli and Eriksen, with players like Son/Lamela/Moura, and now Berjwyn, to back those 3 up, has gone. Alli needs to find a new way of linking up with players around him, because I believe he is KEY to whether we get any type of success this season or not, but as it stands at present, we don’t have a ‘team’ that ticks ..with players who know exactly what they, or their teammates, are supposed to be doing! Mourinho has a hell of a struggle to get the best out of our remaining players, so I don’t blame him for being frustrated.

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