Manchester United and Inter Miami Compete for Agustin Almendra

Agustin Almendra

LWOF take a look at this transfer dilemma involving 19-year-old Agustin Almendra. For a young player, a mind-boggling transfer isn’t always healthy for staying focused at their current club. A possible route to a way out, and a bitter ending at their team.

Two Clubs Courting Young Star Agustin Almendra

According to the Daily Star, Manchester United and Inter Miami are set to go head to head for the Boca Juniors‘ youngster’s signature. He is valued at £10.80 million and plays central midfield.

This decision could be vital in terms of how his career will carry on. Both clubs snooping around the player have a great deal of money. David Beckham will be looking to collect the youngster to his newly formed MLS outfit. While Manchester United are up to their usual search for future stars.

The Dilemma – His Choices

Manchester United

Currently Manchester United are sitting 5th in the Premier League. Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Brandon Williams are all frequent stars of the starting XI now. The club are taking good care of their young talents. A historically rich team, they expect highly of their players and expect to challenge for titles.

For Agustin Almendra, this may mean a fair share of chances given to him by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. But can he express his potential at such a big club at his raw age of 19? However young players often need a fair level of football- not too high, to be able to express their talent and develop as a player.

Inter Miami

Having been founded recently by David Beckham and on the verge of joining the MLS league, it is an exciting project by the Englishman. The club are currently looking for their designated players, to drive the club forward and make a mark on their history.

An exciting opportunity presented by an exciting role model. Agustin Almendra’s choice could definitely pay off if he chose the newly formed MLS outfit. Seeing this club is searching for players to build its future, prepare for the league, and set its style, it could give Almendra plenty of chances to impress on the first-team stage.

Stay at Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors are one of the best teams of the Superliga Argentina. Their nurturing of Argentine youth is spectacular. Their history is rich, and they boast one of the fiercest derby games in the world against rivals River Plate.

A stay at Boca Juniors could not only mean further development but a better reputation amongst their fans and potentially more first-team action. Staying in Buenos Aires would make more sense as Agustin Almendra has only made 6 senior appearances, meaning a move could be too early for now.

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