Erling Haaland and Six Other Promising Players Outside of the Top Leagues

Erling Haaland

Top-quality, young players are on the show in the top leagues around the world. But there are more to be uncovered in the rest of the world. This article will discuss the most promising players outside of the top leagues, starting with Erling Haaland.

A Look into the Future – Erling Haaland and Other Promising Players Outside of the Top Leagues

What Makes a Promising Player?

Promising players give hints of what could be in store for the future for any clubs that sign them. Those players show a good attitude and skills of an already mature player, meaning they will only get better.

Erling HaalandRed Bull Salzburg

Red Bull Salzburg of Austria, and their German league cousins Leipzig are big fans of young players. Erling Haaland was first thrown into the spotlight after bagging nine goals against Honduras in an under-20’s international match. But this is only the beginning for Erling Haaland.

A daring striker, he isn’t afraid to give more experienced players a challenge. Standing at a towering 6’4 height and unlike most tall strikers, he is not slow. His fast feet allow him to make frequent runs and dribbles. Erling Haaland’s good eye for the exploitation of spaces in the opposition defence means more chances on goal.

In international football, he has made his mark on the senior squad of Norway. Currently, his stats boast 11 games played, 12 goals scored and 6 assists. Those stats alone show he is already an elite player at only 19 years old. Erling Haaland is valued at £27 million.

Fedor ChalovCSKA Moscow

The Moscow based club have a reputation for bringing Russian youngsters up through their ranks. Having made his way through the club’s youth academy, Fedor Chalov is one of them, now representing the first team.

Fedor Chalov is primarily a striker but can also play a supporting role behind the striker. Whilst lacking in defensive contribution, he makes up for it by being reliable with teamwork in the attacking third, as he tends to lay teammates off and play short passes.

Currently 21 years old, he has represented Russia’s in the under 21 set-ups before going on to making his senior debut. In 15 games played in the Russian Premier League, he has scored four goals and made four assists. It shows the kind of player Fedor Chalov is, a good addition to any team wanting that extra bit of unselfishness up top. His price on the rise, at £14.40 million.

James Sands – New York City FC

Major League Soccer contains many promising youths itching for first-team experience and more. James Sands is a piece of NYCFC history- being their first-ever homegrown player.

Being such a well-rounded player at the raw age of 19 is an impressive feat. James Sands can play in central defence, as well as central defensive midfield. A distance shooter, he also shows potency in his aerial duels making him a safe presence in eliminating high balls from the opponent. But he’s also strong in his tackles and concentration in-game.

Having played 19 games this season, it is well enough to see that New York City FC trust him enough for him to be a mainstay in their squad. He has a history of representing USMNT’s under-19 team. James Sands looks like he would add defensive stability to any team of his calibre. He is valued at £720k.

Radoslaw Majecki – Legia Warsaw

Currently, Majecki is the number one at Polish giants Legia Warsaw. Legia Warsaw is one of the top teams in Poland and known for dominating the league most of the time.

The elite maturity in Radoslaw Majecki is shown by the trust that Legia Warsaw put into him, despite being only 19. He was signed for the big boys after being scouted in an under-19’s squad of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, a lower league team in Poland. Since then he has developed into a top goalkeeper in the Polish Ekstraklasa (division one). Being reported as being good with the ball at his feet, and a frequent keeper of clean sheets- he’s one of Legia’s top priorities.

Having kept five clean sheets, he was fielded 15 times this season in the Ekstraklasa. Arsenal, plus a few other big clubs were known to be courting the young keeper; he may leave Legia Warsaw in search of more frequent European competition and further development. Currently, his price tag stands at £4.50 million.

Joao “Jota” Filipe SL Benfica

SL Benfica is known for having a very careful and consistent approach to their youth development. Having climbed those youth ranks, Jota has shown capabilities that outline him as a player.

Jota is able to play on the right midfield, left-wing, or in behind the striker. A good touch means he is able to nudge the ball past defenders and retain control upon regaining the ball. His agility is beyond his years, has a good sense of teamwork, and he isn’t afraid to take an opponent on. Overall, he is a swift endangerment to the opposing team.

He has played five games, making two assists for the Benfica first team. But this isn’t everything from the 20-year-old, he’s yet to show his full potential. He has represented Portugal at under-21 level and his agility and awareness have most definitely been a valuable asset to their team. Jota is valued at £9 Million.

Mohamed IhattarenPSV Eindhoven

The Netherlands is a training ground for young, promising players. PSV, Ajax, and Feyenoord are all elite clubs involving young players and academies. Showing young players the path to greatness, and coaching them to perfection is what they specialize in. Mohamed Ihattaren is part of this seedbed of youth development.

Handpicked from the SV Houten Jugend team by PSV, Mohamed has represented PSV as an attacking midfielder and right-winger. An ambitious runner, his explosive movements are enough to dazzle any defender. His ability to seek out assists is brilliant, making him an excellent engine for a team focusing on passing. Being able to drive his team forward, Mohamed Ihattaren would thrive in a bigger league.

At 17 years old, Ihattaren is a very raw age for a player to be showcasing his skill at the top. Mohamed Ihattaren is confident enough to be representing PSV’s first team already. Choosing his birth country of the Netherlands over his roots in Morocco, he’s set to represent the Netherlands in the future. His value currently sits at £13.50 million.

Giorgi Chakvetadze – KAA Gent

Top-quality players have made their marks in the Belgian Jupiler Pro league before, Giorgi Chakvetadze seems like he could be the next in line.

Earning a move to Gent from his native Georgia via Dinamo Tbilisi, Giorgi Chakvetadze is mainly a central midfielder. But he can also play on the right-wing and a deeper role within the team. Being able to link up with his teammates well, whip a mean cross, and show his flair are only some of his abilities. He’s also able to execute a mean first touch allowing him to get the edge over whoever is marking him.

He is already a senior international with his Georgian national team, scoring five goals in seven caps. In 80 appearances for KAA Gent, he registered 13 goals and 22 assists at only 20 years old. £8.10 million is his last value update.


These promising players’ clubs are all outside the top leagues of the world. They haven’t been discovered and picked by the bigger boys yet.

Being promising means having the attributes required to show that a player is ahead of their time. It is only a matter of time before the big clubs move in for these young talents. Remember their names, one day they could be some of the most notable in Europe.

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