David Silva: Manchester City’s Spanish Magician

David Silva

Since Manchester City’s ownership change in 2008, there have been a plethora of great players to join the City ranks. David Silva will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest City players of all time. It is easy to see why ‘El Mago’ has been such a popular figure at the club. He has ten trophies, scoring 71 goals and assisting 129 goals in his 396 appearances. The 33-year-old has been a stand out player in the Premier League for years and still holds his own against City’s younger generation of stars.

Silva came to the Premier League in 2010 after a successful period with Valencia. As a relatively small player, many worried about Silva’s ability to transition into the more physical Premier League. The doubters were soon silenced. Silva’s intelligence, control, and dribbling skills meant he could avoid much of the danger posed to him. Ten years later we have become numbed seeing the magician easily floating past players. The flowing football of Manchester City’s renaissance period summons thoughts of Silva dancing through players, creating chances, and scoring wonderful goals.

Silva announced his decision to leave stating to the Daily Mail “This is the last one. Ten years for me is enough. It’s the perfect time.”

David Silva to Leave Manchester City Next Season

Changing of the Guard

Replacing big players will be a regular sight for City fans as Pep Guardiola is always looking to strengthen their squad. With several ageing stars, it will be common practice for the next few seasons. Manchester City are already in talks to sign Harry Maguire in a bid to replace Vincent Kompany, who left to become the player-manager at Anderlecht. Fernandinho, a long-underrated player in the Manchester City side, is 34 and will likely be replaced sooner, rather than later. Sergio Aguero, 31, still has plenty to offer and City fans will want to keep hold of their talisman for as long as possible.

Finding replacements for these players is no easy task, top players don’t come cheap –  especially to a side renowned for their wealthy owners.

How Can Manchester City Replace Silva

Silva’s replacement might not be as difficult as once imagined though. He has backed City’s very own boy wonder, Phil Foden, 19, to replace him. Foden has been admired as a rising talent for some years now. Foden burst onto the scene with the England U21’s and his cameo appearances at City has tantalised viewers.

Silva and Foden both possess key attributes that make this replacement seem possible. He has a low centre of gravity, expert ball control and an ability to weave their way past defenders. Silva has also been a regular goal threat from midfield and this will be important for Foden to continue in those hard-fought games when defences shut up shop. Foden looks like he can carry on the magic when the current magician disappears.

Silva will have one more season with Man City and will likely be utilised as much as possible. Both playing and tutoring the next generation of players. Man City will look to add more trophies to their cabinet next season and having David Silva with them next season is a huge boost. As for Foden, he gets one more year of tutelage under one of the all-time greats.

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