David de Gea Can Still Improve in These Areas

David de Gea can

In recent weeks, Manchester United have lost to Wolverhampton Wanders and Arsenal. David de Gea made some errors in these matches. Therefore, there are specific areas where he can still improve as a goalkeeper.

David de Gea’s Areas for Improvement


Goalkeepers in the Premier League have to be more than shot-stoppers. The modern ‘keeper is responsible for starting attacks by passing with precision. In the last match, David de Gea passed the ball to Fred when he was under pressure. This led to an equalizing goal for Wolverhampton Wanderers. At the Molineux Stadium, away teams cannot afford to make these kinds of mistakes.

Additionally, David de Gea seems to kick a ball out of bounds at least once a match. Even when he has the time and space to find a teammate, he still concedes possession. This invites pressure on Manchester United’s defenders and gives opposition supporters a chance to cheer ironically.

Solskjaer’s System

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to play a specific brand of football. He wants his players to pass the ball forward and shoot as much as possible. He wants to win the ball high up the pitch and create waves of attacks. David de Gea must adapt to and support this fluid style of football.

For example, he must pass accurately to players like Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera so that they have time and space with the ball. Playing a safe pass to a full-back was satisfactory under previous managers, but Solskjaer expects more.


The Spanish goalkeeper always seems to exude calmness. He rarely loses his temper or points a finger at someone else after conceding a goal. However, he has earned the right to be more vocal with the defenders in front of him.

When Phil Jones or Chris Smalling make errors due to clumsiness, David de Gea can demand more from them. This could result in higher levels of concentration and fewer goals conceded.

The Larger Context

Despite the fact that he has areas to improve in, David de Gea retains his status as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He still produces saves that take one’s breath away. For example, he managed to save shots from players like Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen. Over the course of a season, he earns Manchester United points.

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