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The ‘night_watch’ Interview: Bulgaria’s FIFA eSports Legend

Ivan Churov, also known as ‘night_watch’ In the eSports scene, is a professional FIFA player with many achievements locally and globally. As well as winning many tournaments in Bulgaria, the likes of Ecopa 17 and Ecopa 18 to name a few, the main accomplishments for night_watch have been becoming 32nd in the world on PS4 and 64th place on the FIFA tournament in Barcelona for XBOX.

One of the most exciting things in his career so far is being chosen to represent Epsilon_eSports and Manchester City in the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series. This transfer sees him playing against FIFA eSports’ biggest stars in front of thousands of viewers worldwide.

The ‘night_watch’ Interview: Bulgaria’s FIFA eSports Legend

Ivan ”night_watch” Churov talks to LWOF and Hristo Andreev about his FIFA accomplishments and everyday life.

1) First of all congratulations on signing with Manchester City and Epsilon_eSports! I guess that the last few weeks have been very emotional and stressful. Where are you now and how are you feeling?

Thanks! The last weeks really were emotional, but mostly very exciting. I’m currently in Bucharest where I’m pursuing one of my master’s degrees. I’m feeling very well, but I also know that the following weeks will be even tougher and busier.

2) So, education is a priority of yours. What and where are you studying exactly?

As I said I’m doing two master’s degrees.  The first one is Computer Science in Bucharest and the other one is European Diplomacy in Sofia.

3) What is your daily regime and how many hours a day do you spend playing FIFA?

I don’t have a strict regime, to be honest. Practising FIFA depends on whether I have lectures or a tournament coming soon.

4) You have a rather strange FIFA Ultimate Team – Cristiano Ronaldo as a central midfielder and De Marcos as your right back. Why have you chosen such a strategy and can you give us another example of a good, cheap player like De Marcos?

I play Ronaldo as a midfielder just for chemistry, FUT players should know what I mean.
To be honest, I’m not aware of players’ prices this year as I started with top players very early on.

5) Which console do you prefer to play on – PS4 or XBOX?

I prefer the XBOX because this is where I started on a competitive level. Anyways, I play on both and I don’t think that there’s a rather big difference.

6) So what are your hobbies outside of the monitor?

My passion outside of FIFA is shockingly playing football.

7) Do you have a favourite song on FIFA 19 or in the game overall?

I haven’t listened to songs on FIFA for three years. The last song I remember is ‘Mercy’ on FIFA 2007 if I’m not mistaken.

8) And finally, what are some tips you can give to other FIFA players?

Don’t take the game too seriously. Play calmly and don’t get angry. There will always be mistakes – for you as well as for your opponent, so chill and don’t let it get to you!

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