Gabriel Batistuta: Messi Over Ronaldo

Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Batistuta is one of the most iconic names in football history. Arguably the best player in Fiorentina history, he also played with Roma and Inter. The striker scored 278 career goals in Italy, including 203 for the Florence side. The Argentine was at an event in Italy to promote his newly released film, ‘The Number 9’. While he was there, the 49-year-old was asked multiple football-related questions. The current Colon sporting director started off speaking about Icardi and Higuain.

Gabriel Batistuta: Messi Over Ronaldo

“For Argentina, it’s a battle between Icardi and Higuain,” Batistuta claimed.

“Mauro has more chance because he’s young. I like him a lot, you don’t see him much in the match but he always scores.

“Inter fans must be happy to have him on their team.”

The Serie A winner was then asked about the Messi against Ronaldo debate and who he would pick.

“If I could I’d have both! If I have to choose, I pick Messi. Just because he’s Argentine!

“Seriously though, Cristiano is really strong but they’re different. Messi is more involved in the play. It’s hard to compare them.

“Ronaldo has a different personality and mentality, people like him will never stop. He’ll want to score for as long as he can.”

Batistuta was then asked about Maradona, who today turns 58-years-old.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to play with him much. I don’t know if I came too late or he came too soon, but I cherish the games I did play with him.

“We had beautiful experiences and negative ones like the 1994 World Cup [where Maradona failed a drug test].

“For we Argentines Diego is football. I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I appreciate him as a player and a person because I know where he came from.”

Batistuta will forever be remembered as one of the best. He changed the striker position, many players can learn from such an established player.

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