Spurs’ Stadium Delay Means Fans are Biggest Losers

The announcement of Spurs’ stadium delay has not gone down well with supporters of the club. The state of the art stadium will be one of the world’s best. It is over budget and now promises that the stadium would be ready for the 15th of September are proving not be the case. But who loses out the most from Spurs’ stadium delay?

Spurs’ Stadium Delay Causes Fans to Lose Out

Whilst Spurs’ new stadium is an exciting project with a retractable pitch, an NFL franchise and its own brewery, fans have not been the most considered aspect of the build. The cost of season tickets soared, leading to some fans being priced out. Fans paid out extra in travel last season as the club camped at Wembley. It was hoped that the upcoming home game against Fulham on Saturday would be the only game to be played at Wembley.

Yesterday, 13th August, Spurs announced that the stadium will not be ready. The proposed first game versus Liverpool on September the 15th has consequently been switched to Wembley. There are fans from abroad that have booked flights for that first game and many have made travel arrangements already. But rather than offer refunds, the club decided that the difference in ticket prices can be put toward cup games.

The club are failing to understand not every fan can get to every game. After hitting fans hard in the pocket over the new stadium prices, this is a double whammy of insult for a vast amount of fans.

Communications ‘Poor’ Around Spurs’ Stadium Delay

Spurs fans were quick to take to Twitter over the news of Spurs’ stadium delay’

“No concern for fans. This rushed out because of a leak. Called ticket office about Fulham refund was told “season ticket covers 19 home games, doesn’t say where they’ll be”. Terrible attitude and contempt for those spending £1,000s every year.” @Phil_Blackwell

For the announcement to come out after being ‘leaked’ has not gone down well and whilst Levy has divided opinion amongst fans, he is already facing heat over this news.

Effect on the Pitch?

In some ways, Pochettino may not mind playing at Wembley. Spurs adapted quickly last season and playing there should cause few issues for the team. The concern will be if halfway through the season they are doing well but have to adapt to a new stadium and pitch. That is far from ideal and there are suggestions that playing the full season at Wembley may be the best answer, for the football side of things at least.

Did This Have Any Bearing on the Transfer Window?

Spurs have had to pay a significant amount of money to the FA to allow them to use Wembley for longer. It may be that this had an effect on Spurs’ transfer window, or lack of it. As more details are announced, we will know more but Spurs face another problem from the Premier League. The rules clearly state that a team can not have two homes in one season. There is also the issue of European games that may clash with events already booked for Wembley Stadium. Spurs could find themselves deducted points as the Premier League were only happy for one game to be played at Wembley in a slackening of the two home grounds rule.

The stadium went over budget some time ago and this latest event means more money being spent on the project.

What Next for Spurs’ New Stadium?

The answer at this stage is that no one truly knows. The contractors, Mace, are meeting with the Spurs hierarchy today and will not be getting a slap on the back, one would assume.

Under Levy, no matter his successes as a businessman, Spurs have not been good at communicating quickly and transparently with fans. Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust now have an obligation to take Levy to task over the way fans are being treated. It is clear that the relationship between fans and manager have been excellent in recent years under Pochettino but relations between the very top are becoming strained.

A lack of new signings, a new stadium not being fit for ‘safety’ reasons and fans being put second to cheese rooms and on-site breweries.

It may be time for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to consider whether the new stadium is something to be reviewed on trip advisor or whether its main aim is to be a place for the bread and butter fans to enjoy watching their team.

Whatever happens, for fans of the club, it is hardly surprising some feel second best when it comes to Daniel Levy. The fans deserve to be communicated with better and it is time for someone, anyone to be more forthcoming about what is happening and how fans will be properly recompensed. Spurs need to be open and reduce the effects of what is quickly descending into chaos.

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